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[Discontinued] Realistic Headlights Vehicles [OIV] v1.1

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* Works both with modified and unmodified version of the game.

* New updates will not appear with every new version of the GTA V / VisualV update. This is not necessarily every time, so do not worry if GTA V / VisualV has been updated. Do not wait for my modification to update to a higher / newer version and still use the current version available. New versions will appear only when needed or with some additions / optional settings.

Changelog v1.1:

= Files derived from VisualV v1.0.380.

= Changing the name of the modification.

= Updated timecycle_mods_1 file.

= Modified carcols.ymt file - Changing the color value xenon headlights to 6000k with increased brightness.

Changelog v1.0:

= Files derived from VisualV v1.0.330.

Thanks for:

_CP_ & robi29 = Permission to use and share files / solutions derived from VisualV.

Kevin56436 = The use xenon color value for 6000K headlights.

plw1337 = Help with the [.OIV] installer.


1. Install / Run OpenIV.

2. Click on Tools -> Package Installer and choose: Realistic Headlights Vehicles.oiv

3. Click on Install* and choose the "mods" folder as the location to install.
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