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Medical Prop & Backpack Replace | Lucas CPR Compression System 1.02


Medical Prop and backpack replace Lucas CPR Device

LUCAS® Chest Compression System provides benefits to cardiac arrest patients by delivering Guidelines-consistent, high-quality chest compressions even under difficult conditions and for extended periods of time.

This is a 3D Model of LUCAS3 brought to you by capone and candimods, lucas 3 is scratch modeled, and backpack is from turbosquid.highly detailed prop

Support me on Patreon at www.patreaon.com/candimods

Thanks to my Patreon Subscribers for making this mod happen!

This mod is designed to enhance EMS roleplay and add some real world realism to the roleplay server. Your EMS Staff should be trained to use the Lucas Device, I've included some inservice videos below.

Inservice Videos

Tested and developed for 5M; however, should work in SP or LCPDFR

Known bugs: none reported in testing

Mod Contents:
This Mod is a Replace Only Mod, If you want to make it Add on you may do so, and email or message me and i will update the pack with the add on.

Lucas 3 Hardshell Backpack:
P_michael_backpack_s.ydr - Lucas 3 Hardshell backpack replaces Michaels Backpack
Prop_ld_suitcase_01.ydr - Lucas 3 Hardshell backpack as a prop

Lucas 3 Compression System Device
Prop_ld_health_pack.ydr - Lucas 3 Compression device as pictured above.

5M Installation
Drag and Drop the Lucas3 Folder to your resources folder, add “start lucas3” to your server.cfg file. Clear the cache then reload.

To spawn the objects you need a trainer or a prop script such as one of these below.



You can use any script that utilizes props you will just have to code in the new props or replace existing ones whichever you prefer is your prerogative.

For installation support go to support Channel in discord https://discord.gg/Sn5jQS9
Single Player Installation
Install Locations for Singeplayer or LCPDFR be sure to install this to your Mods Folder, and always back up what you're doing.

Props should be able to replace any ingame prop: however Lucas3 book bag is rigged for ped and can really only be used as a backpack and only tested as replacement to michaels backpack.

Use Openiv to replace the props, also you can go to Tools > Search > Search the game directory for files and locations of other in game props you can replace. if you don't like your options below.

\Grand Theft Auto V\x64g.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutsobjects.rpf\p_michael_backpack_s.ydr

\Grand Theft Auto V\x64d.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutsobjects.rpf\p_michael_backpack_s.ydr

Grand Theft Auto V\x64c.rpf\levels\gta5\props\lev_des\lev_des.rpf\prop_ld_suitcase_01.ydr

Grand Theft Auto V\x64c.rpf\levels\gta5\props\lev_des\lev_des.rpf\prop_ld_health_pack.ydr

For installation support go to support Channel in discord https://discord.gg/Sn5jQS9

CandiMods custom Textures and conversions to gtav
Capone scratch modeled the main Lucas3 Device.


Terms of Service

I hold no rights to PhysioControl or Lucas 3, all rights reserved by the original manufacturer and creator. Stryker Owns PhysioControl.

I only provide my models locked, Downloading this file means you abide by Terms of Service, Do Not Share or post these files, only use them on your server local or hosted for your own communities use and enjoyment.

You may use my models in fivem or SP, you are NOT allowed to rip, re upload, redistribute, or repackage this modification. you are not allowed to upload this file and claim it as your own on any site, server, local, drives, cloud drives, or otherwise. you are NOT allowed to UNLOCK this file. You may only link to this file as it may be updated in the future.

Violation of these terms will result in revocation of mods privileges and perma ban on affiliated communities and discord servers.

Script Developers may use my mods in their scripts, but i'd prefer you link to it as i do make updates. Feel free to contact me in discord to collaborate. If you need to repackage please contact me and gain permission before posting your file.
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