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Extreme Brutality V 1.8 [Roadkill Update|OIV]



NOTE: I DO NOT have the intent to hurt anyone, commit disgusting actions or have an fetish for gore, i cant even kill a house fly without feeling bad (im serious). I made this for entertainment purposes and for a better "Realistic" GTA V Experience

Feel free to add your video to my mod page/this mod i would love to :)

Donators! (thank you guys! ill try to update the mod more!)
@Kingcobra89 - 14.04USD

An all out ultimate gore modification for GTAV. expanding the limits of gore mechanics , making GTAV an ADULTS ONLY game.

Thanks to @IAmJFry for making the Brains Chunk Script

- Gory Body Damage Variations
- Shotguns acts like a "shotgun" now. shoot anyone in Point Blank Range would annihilate his/her's body
- different destruction textures on every body part. This includes Headshots , Gut shots , Legs , Arms , Hands , Spine etc.
- Blunt Force Trauma, if you hit someone in the head hard enough with a blunt weapon, it would brutally damage thier head.
- Combat Bruises , Makes hand to hand combat better! Now everytime you hit your enemy's face, your fists would leave an mark on thier face
- Brain Chunks by Fatal Headshot , when you say "ill blow your brains out" and not actually blow their brains out, wouldn't that be....embarrassing, say no more, now if you shoot someone with a shotgun point blank and shoot someone with a sniper rifle, it would LITERALLY blow thier brains out!
- Roadkill! When you hit a person in high speed, you would hear their bones and internal organs GET CRUSHED

Follow the directories based on the folder names

!!!!!! you need the latest scripthookv if youre going to use the optional brain chunks in update 1.7 up (OPTIONAL/NOT REQUIRED) !!!!!!!


- Roadkill Update!, More Blood will be sprayed on your car when you ram people and run them over!
- RAMMING PEOPLE ARE NOW MORE FUN!, When you ram someone at high speed you will hear BONE BREAKING, BRUTAL GORE SOUNDS
- New Blood Decals!
- Made blood more shinier and look more like blood

- NEW Brain Chunks Gore, Shooting someone with a Sniper Rifle Shotguns or the Minigun, Chunks of thier brains will blow out [Press F12 to clear brain chunks]
- Made Wounds More High Quality
- Fixed bugs
- Fixed the issue that makes the face wounds permanent

- Fixed the SMG wound bug
- Fixed Melee Wounds
- Made gunshots better
- Shotgun Body Damage are now Better and More Disgusting

- Added Hand to Hand Combat Bruises
- Fixed Bugs
- Fixed the black blood pool bug
- Fixed the sizes of some blood decals

- Revamped the Shotgun blast wound (it now looks more chunkier)
- Fixed some major bugs
- New blood effect for shotguns

- Fixed the large blood decal
- New blood decal when ramming people
- Major Gore FIxes/Improvements

-New Headshot textures for Pistols,Rifles,Smgs and Snipers(Shotguns will still annihilate faces)
-New experimental blood effect(Reacts to Gravity like a physics based blood effect)
-Bug Fixes

- removed improvements in gore (no need to install it. every file on my mod is replaced)
- Melee weapon blood spill(now if you stab or slash a person in any body part will splash some blood)
- Bleeding effect (when you shoot someone or you got shot you will notice some blood coming out of your or your victim's body. no health loss so vanilla mechanics will still be present)
- MORE BLOOD FROM SHOTGUN(tell me if its too much)
- MORE BLOOD SPRAYS(more decals will appear)

- fixed some bugs
- edited the decals.dat
- blood sprays/mists are now match with the blood pool's color
- toned down the very red color on the ped body damage
- New Blood Pools (14 in total with different varieties)
- New Blood Splatter Textures (will be adding more in the next update)
- Better Shotgun Body Damage (body damage would now be applied to every body part and would look more like a real shotgun pellets that damaged the body tissue)
- More Blood Will Appear In Every Shot
(now shooting somebody with a pistol would make them spray blood , blasting somebody with a shotgun point blank would make his/her blood splash to the ground)

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 1.8 [Roadkill Update|OIV] (current)

19.042 симнато , 44,6 MB
Април 13, 2021

 1.7 [Brain Chunks Gore Update]

3.008 симнато , 40,8 MB
Март 31, 2021

 1.6 [Melee Combat Update] {BUG FIX}

3.114 симнато , 38,9 MB
Март 11, 2021

 1.6 [Melee Combat Update]

466 симнато , 39,8 MB
Март 10, 2021

 1.5 (Shotgun Update)

8.149 симнато , 39,6 MB
Јуни 25, 2020


2.007 симнато , 38,7 MB
Јуни 18, 2020


3.063 симнато , 38,5 MB
Мај 28, 2020


9.162 симнато , 40,9 MB
Јануари 9, 2020


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Јануари 7, 2020


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Јануари 4, 2020


2.812 симнато , 22,2 MB
Ноември 25, 2019

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