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Gang Wars 1.2

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This was my own personal mod that I created for myself, but I've decided to release to the public, It's nothing more then a very simple relationships mod which anybody could create without any modding experience. You are free to do what ever you want with this mod, and Include it in your own mods to. You may also upload anywhere else.

For me, I always found it annoying how Gangs would just walk past each other like they where best friends an never fight each other, this mod changes that, now ALL Gangs HATE each other and will immediately attack any other Gang on sight that is not there own. This mod makes for great Immersion when you're cruising or walking round the hood and watching full scale fights break out.

Police now DISLIKE Civilians / Gangs / Drug Dealers, which makes for more random chance of pursuits happening if you are using the "Police On Streets" optional file included in Crime & Police Rebalance Enhancement Mod, or any other Mod which spawns Police Patrols, which of course will enhance this mod so when fights do break out and Police are nearby, gun fights will also erupt with Police. ENJOY !!

UPDATE: 17,06,15: Updated Error in file where COP only dislikes Female Civilian, now COP Dislikes both Female / Male Civilians.. Makes for more chance of random pursuits taking place if you are using "Police On Streets" or any other Mod which Spawns police patrols.

UPDATE 11,11,15: Included new backup file for Relationships because current one was 0KB..

HOW TO INSTALL: First makes sure you have OPENIV, then navigate to and replace Relationships in: Common.rpf / Data [Recommend that you use a Mod's Folder, or Update might delete the file]

A backup file has been included with this Mod, all you need to do is replace.


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