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Driver 2 Havana Siren Sound 0.1


If you don't like the mod, the answer is simple; don't use it.

No, this will not work on XBOX, or PlayStation. I'm not responsible for damage to your console. It's nobodys fault other than your own for trying to mod your console GTA 5.

A sound from an old game called Driver 2 (Released in 2000)
The sound is in bad quality. Feel free to help out and improve the sound. Just make sure you give credit to me and ask me if you can edit this.

I'm a lazy modder. I don't often make mods. Like what I do? Let me know. :)


Make a backup of the original sirens.awc file first.

1. Download OpenIV (Google search "OpenIV" (without the quotations)

2. Set up OpenIV, then right click and click run as Administrator.

3.Look for where you installed GTA 5 (Program Files, or steamapps)

4. Go into Edit Mode

5. Go into x64/audio/sfx/SCRIPT.rpf

6. Copy SCRIPT.rpf to the mods folder. If you don't have a mods folder, create one.

7. Replace "sirens.awc" with the modded one. (The file may be called "siren.awc. If so, just change it to sirens.awc, then replace it.

8. Double check everything to make sure you got it right, and also be sure you had done all of your modding in the mods folder.

9. Run GTA 5.

---About complaints regarding crashes and file corruptions--
I'm calling bullshit on any "problem" people have with my sound mod(s). There's no way in hell this mod can cause GTA 5 to crash, or corrupt memory. It may have something to do with your PC. If so, I suggest upgrading from Windows 95... or buy a better PC instead of being blaming me for your lack of knowledge with computers.
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