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The Middle Ages(beta) W.I.P 2.0


this is a map of the middle ages inspired from assasins creed 1,2 and its also not done yet, its a work in program so just so you know it ain't done just yet and I'm just giving you a taste of what I got so far the futures for this map will be down here:
a bigger map with a church more shops and more. (the map will have more houses it will have bigger buildings and will look like a map)
and also people (the people will be everywhere with animation maybe they'll even talk there will also be people in houses having dinner or something else and more) now this will take some a lot of time so be patient.
in the file but some of, you probably know how by now.
and also you must download this, for it to work:



the castle you must install in x64g.RPF you will see where in the readme file
new house, new bat, new building, new towers, new ships duck, and more.

make sure to install this if you want the ships duck:

the victory ship must be installed as an addon.

for the guards:
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