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The Big One Race [Community Races][Map Editor] 1.1


A completely illegal Race through the world of GTA 5.

The longest, dangerous, unbelievable, absurd, crazy, difficult, impossible, exhausting, grueling Race of all GTA 5.

- In the Big One Race your first win is to stay alive.
- Your second win is to be the first, at least for a while.
- Before even thinking of being first to the finish line, you have still a long way to go.

Choose carefully your car.
The super-fast supercars are very good on the highway, much less in the desert.
The buggies are excellent in the desert, much less in the mud, and in crossing the rivers.
The 4x4 are good in the mud, but are slow.
The Muscle car are robust in the jumps and stunts, but unstable at high speed.
The convertibles are nice, but you have no defense when shoot you ...

In the Big One Race when you're running, all hate you:
- Police hate you, because the Race is illegal.
- The farmers hate you because trample their fields and invest their animals.
-The gang hate you, why draw the warning police in their neighborhoods.
- The dancers of the Vanilla Unicorn hate you, because their customers come to see the Race, and not shove dollars in their panties.
- The mountain people hate you because you make noise, and why are mountain people ...
- The hippies hate you, why pollute.

Everybody hates you, and everyone is trying to stop you, even if it means killing you if necessary.

The Big One Race has 40 cars at the start. (Much less on arrival)

The Big One Race is so long and busy that when you die it's not over. You just lost some places. Take the first car that you can find and run to the next checkpoint.

In this Race, no one behaves honestly. And 'it allowed and encouraged cheating.

There is not a definite starting point. Not to make it clear to the police where and when the Race starts, when it's time everyone roaming the area, and a message warns you that the Race began.

When it's time find the first checkpoint and starts running.
You can not know the precise moment when starts, any where, and at the start you could be driving next to the first checkpoint, or far away to eat an ice cream at the beach.

1.1: add a lot of new car

After installing the mod and everything you need, comes into GTA 5 brought close to the start of the Big One Race, click F7 -> Load xml file -> Big_One_Race_1

Clearly if you want to run the 1, for Race 2 -> Big_One_Race_2, for Race 3 -> Big_One_Race_3

The Big One Race can also be run without the xml files, but you lose half of fun.
The xml files containing objects and peds which trigger GTA5 events. Such as police pursuits or the wrath of the military and gangs.

Bring a friend.

Using this mod Three Man Army (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/three-man-army) you can run the Big One Race with some friends. I only did some testing, but it seems to work fine.

This project is an endless work in progress ...

is on my pc for months, every day I would add something new, but unfortunately, I have absolutely no time to do it ...

So for now load this first version. It is absolutely not a finished project!

Accept aid, feedback and advice. In the future, if I have time quietly, shortly some updating maybe some new area, or some other object or peds. I would go anywhere in the world of GTA 5, and turn events as possible, but it is an endless job ...

I saw that there is still some errors, I will try to correct them in future updates.

I had to break thefile in third. For months everything worked properly with One file, then one day, after some community Race, scripthook, MapEditor, etcetera, update has stopped working ... I have no idea why, something too heavy. Dividing into 3 the file everything seems to work again.

I noticed some crash in the second Race. Resolves eliminating the ScriptHookVDotNet log file (eg. ScriptHookVDotNet-2016-08-29.log) in the GTA directory. I have absolutely no idea why, it does not always.


- First you need Community Races
Then you need Map Editor
- Then you need the Big One Race, extract, copy everything and paste in the root GTA 5.
Have fun

Create maps for this game is a big work and take a lot of time !! So if you like my uploads and want to Encourage me, you can donate by the way of paypal by clicking under my nickname
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