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Seaside Cave Villa


This map add a seaside villa to the east of the wind turbine park, above the cave.
ATTENTION, you have to complete first the random event of this place in the cave, otherwise it could be annoying !!

* Files:
cavevilla.xml ==> (full version) 1903 objects, 7 vehicles, 68 peds

cavevilla2.xml ==> (less peds) 1903 objects, 7 vehicles, 17 peds

cavevilla3.xml ==> (less peds, less vegetation and no car garage) 1802 objects, 4 vehicles, 16 peds

objects.xml ==> 15 objects, 0 vehicles, 0 peds

To avoid bug, please delete your IvalidObjects.ini (if you got it) of your GTAV/scripts folder

1. Install the Map Editor by Guadmaz

2. Copy the contents of the scripts folder in your GTAV/scripts folder and gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi in your GTAV main folder

3. Take objects.xml and the file version you want to load (cavevilla.xml, cavevilla2.xml or cavevilla3.xml) and move them to your GTA main folder.

4. Ingame, go in front of franklin house (screenshot)

5. Press F7 to open Map Editor, select LOAD/XML load the file "objects" (Verify that you have 15 objects loaded)

6. Go to the location of the villa (screenshot) and here load "cavevilla.xml" "cavevilla2.xml" or "cavevilla3.xml"

7. If you want to use the dinghy in the cave, just select him with mapeditor and mark the dynamique (i do it like that otherwise he goes away all the time because of the tide)

8. Have fun :)

* If you want do a savehouse of this place, just use the savehouse mod of
Kopalov and Henny Smafter

* Create maps for this game is a big work and take a lot of time !! So if you like my uploads and want to encourage me, you can donate by the way of paypal by clicking under my nickname or at this link

Please do not upload these files on any other site!

Enjoy !!

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