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[MLO] GJ's Mansion [Add-On SP / FiveM] 1.071



This mod takes an existing house from next to Michael's home and turns it into full mansion, great to go to when you're playing as someone other than Michael Franklin or Trevor it has same flags as a safehouse would.

Install OpenIV
click twice on the .OIV Installer package and it'll automatically install it for you
then launch the game and enjoy!
So some people doesn't have the file associations set in OpenIV, in that case you'll have to drag and drop the .oiv file into OpenIV window

Known bugs, bathroom has a black mirror, i couldn't find a fix for it so it stayed like this, still gives bathroom more greater look.

Huge thanks to MrVicko13 and Pomme for teaching me GTAV's map modding

NOTE: This is my first MLO.

remember to always credit me if you decide to use my assets

Join my Discord Server

1.01 - Added back modified building lodlights that i forgot to add in 1.0 it covered the doors at night
1.02 - Fixed issue with dlc.rpf loading models wrong, which resulted in no interior or collision.
Added more furniture
Added railings to stairs
Added curtains to some windows
Fixed majority of bugs
Removed .ymap files that altered game data from the dlc and set .OIV to install them instead
Removed second rear enterance
Added bathroom
Added one more small room, i call it laundry room but it's not 100 complete yet
Added wallpapers
Fixed collisions on floor lamps and plants
Added more plants
Added more furniture to the bedroom
Added more furniture to the livingroom
Attempted to close more holes that appeared between window frames
definitely made harder to detect them
adding line to dlclist.xml is no longer necessary, figured how to get .oiv to add it instead
Fixed disappearing sofa
Fixed dark items at bathroom
Removed some texture flicker
Fixed Minor issues with the exterior
Black spot which appeared in place where previously was a door
a wall behind garage
Reworked the whole exterior collision
Reworked windows
Reworked walls
Added more curtains
Added daytime lighting
Fixed huge lag caused by lights at 5:00 (For MSAA users)
Changed the texture of window glass
Fixed black spot that appeared on the grass
Added Opening/Closing Garage Doors (do not feature sound)
Added door frames
Resized First room stairs
Fixed couple of collision issues

Thanks for all of your feedback, i appreaciate it
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