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Hello guys

> This is my very first mod hope u enjoy and like it.

> I always wanted there should be a bus stand near alamo sea because tats a very good location. i put a small taxi stand also behind the bus stand because when passenger come they want taxi so i put it and add a small office upside for running bus stand & taxi stand add waiting lounge and conference room for meeting purpose of bus schedule.
hope u enjoy

> Plz do not reupload without my permission as u know it is hard to create ideas into reality.


> Put the file in GTAV folder /directory /menyoo /spooner /bus stand.xml

> In game press f8 /spooner stuff /manage save file /bus stand.xml /load placements u will be teleported to tat location

> Ped scenario missing sometimes, dont know y
> Door goes down tats y i put it half open

For mod working u need these
> Menyoo stuff
> Object unlocker
> Map editor
> Map builder
> Community prop

Enjoy all
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Првпат Додадено: Јули 14, 2019
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