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Beta Vegetation & Props [Add-On] 4.3


First of all, sorry for the somewhat/totally misleading name (i couldn't come up with a better one :P )
With this mod i tried to restore, with as much attention to details as possible, all the vegetation and props that were removed
Everything is based on the first 3 trailers, the old gen version promotional screens, game files (textures, in game tv shows/commercials) and alpha/beta game screens
Note: some parts of Mirror Park where made without a reference (it's something that i've had made since i started working on it more than a year ago with the Map Editor and that i carried over and i'm too lazy to remove :P )

Mods folder

Move the "betavegprops" folder in update\x64\dlcpacks
Add dlcpacks:\betavegprops\ to the dlclist.xml (mods\update\update.rpf\common\data)

This is script is required only if you have installed one (or more) map(s) that conflict with this:

Forests of Chiliad
Forests of Senora
Forests of San Andreas
GTA V Remastered
Not Enough Palm

Note: if there is map that you want to be added to the script, write in the comment section with a link to said map

To make the script work you need to:
Make sure you have installed the Script Hook V NET
Move "BVP.cs" and "BVP.ini" in the scripts folder
Open and edit the .ini to configure it (all the necessary informations are written there)

All the people that contributed to the GTA V Beta Hunt topic on GTAForums for the beta content
dexyfex for Codewalker

Moved, changed and added the palms near the LSC at Burton
Moved the palms and added a streelight at Rockford Hills. Also removed two palms
Moved two palms at West Vinewood
Added a few trees around the Red Machine Supplies yard at Paleto Bay
Rotated a few trees at Paleto Forest
Moved and rotated the palms around the Maze Bank Arena
Changed the palm models at the Broker Park in East Vinewood
Added some flowers at Michael's house yard
Updated the compatbility script (and the .ini) with support for Not Enough Palm
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