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PP-19-01 Vityaz [Add-On] 0.5

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Thanks for downloading this mod. It's been a while since my last upload and since then more people have finally started doing add-on weapons. Im so happy that's the case, i was seriously tired of the mass amount of replace mods, quite unlike vehicles. If you personally want some pointers on making and addon weapon from scratch i'd be happy to help, anything to innovate this game that i love to mod so much. just hit me up on discord Thighmangler4350.
I don't consider this mod done, eventually i'd like to add a custom reload animation (and a holstering animation for pickups), which is somewhat possible at the moment, i just need more experience. I'd also like to eventually add the ability to swap out handguards, stocks, pistol grips, and dust covers. techincally i can do that right now, but im waiting for the pickups mod to support attachments showing on weapons that aren't equipped.


[Some pointers for my recreation of the gun]
-Unlike my previous mods, this doesn't have exagerated screen recoil. I figured that would
be for the better. The ones that want it would just go find it.
-The reload is a *tiny bit* off, but as i said before, im looking into custom animations
-I didn't include any addon scope, but i left in a vanilla reflex sight. I will be making a bundle of attachments soon to add to the addon weapons
-There is an addon suppressor and addon 30rnd mag
-The weapon does not have an icon on the weapon wheel unless you use the pickups mod [tutorial for that in the "optional pickups" folder]
-Im not very good at making weapon icons so my icon might look a little off for a while until you get used to it

1) Go to "\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks" and drop the "vityaz" folder there.
2) Go to "\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data"
3) Right click "dlclist.xml" and click edit
4) Paste the following below "";
5) That's it, you're set. When loading into GTA, to get your weapon open your menu or native trainer and get your weapon wherever
you can input the weapon name, type in "vityaz". Then presto! it's yours.
5a) If you want to have a custom weapon icon go open the "optional pickups" folder

-You can do whatever you want with it. Porting to FiveM, Weapon edits, camos, etc
-Just don't re-upload the file in it's entirety while claiming or elluding to you making
the original mod
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