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M9A1 [Call of Duty Ghosts]



By TheNathanNS

1.) Description

This mod replaces the Standard Pistol with the M9A1 from Call of Duty Ghosts.

Mod features:

* Perfectly held
* 2048x2048 resolution texture (Seriously, the texture is nearly 10mb alone!)
* Perfect first person view camera.
* Perfect "reloading" animation
* Low PC friendly!

2.) Installation

Using OpenIV, replace w_pi_pistol_hi.ydr and w_pi_pistol.ytd which is located in:


Then rebuild.

I have provided the original files, incase you wish to uninstall this mod. I didn't erase the original pistol textures so the original pistol can be reused with the "modded" YTD.

4.) Credits

Rigged for GTA 5 by TheNathanNS

If you want to use this mod in any mod packs, all I ask for is credit.
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