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Wheels Custom Pack - OIV Addon


Wheels Custom Pack

- Some Wheels of the best brand.
- Wheels have rendering and good reflections.
- You can change the color of the wheel, with the trainner.
- With embedded textures.
- Various tires Testures, Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama Advan, Nitto ....


- Fix Problems Meta, Wheels Crash.
- The structure is completely renewed.
- All the wheels are edited again.
- The materials and spec are edited.
- New tire textures.
- The wheels are divided into 4 categories, Sport, Muscle, Offroad and Heind.
- Some names of the wheels are corrected.
- Added Avant Garde F142 (2 Version)
- Added BMW BBS CHRII (2 Version)
- Added Oz Avantgarde MSW 11
- Added Oz Avantgarde MSW 24
- Added Rotiform DSC (2 Version)
- Added Volk Racing TE37 Saga
- Added Volk Racing TE37 Chrome
- Added Vossen VPS 305

- Now is OIV Addon.
- Muscle wheels added
- Offroad wheels added
- Add 4 New Wheels Thanks to Pantyshot for the purchase of these models.
- Vorsteiner VS 350 (2 Version)
- Asanti Concave CX-506 (2 Version)
- Thanks QuantV for OIV Version.

If you want access to more wheels exclusively support me at Patreon, many news.

Packages Available in Patreon:

- HRE Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack 3
- ADV1 Pack 1
- Muscle Exclusive Wheels.
- Offroad Exclusive Wheels.
- Lamborghini Wheel Pack.

Patreon Support

To use the wheels use any of these Trainer.

- Trainner By QuantV

- Simple Trainer By Sjaak327


Yandex Gallery

Flickr Gallery

All credits GanjaHouse.

Convert, Render to V: GanjaHouse.
Textures Yokohama Advan Neova By GanjaHouse.
Textures Michelin Pilot By QuantV.
Textures Nitto, Goodyear, toyo And Michelin By hndsyrn.
Texture Brake By Alex9581.
3D Model Rotiform Wheel By Jonathan.Vera87.
3D Model Wheels From FH3, FH2, Project Cars.
Cover Big Thanks To Bayan Asghar.

- If you want, I can make some wheel, send me and I can see


Thanks to P4elkin, QuantV, Vans123, Jonathan.Vera87, hndsyrn, kokoro, Bayan Asghar.
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