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Volkswagen Passat B4 Variant 1993 [Add-On] [Replace] V1.0

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I know it's been a while, but finally, I have made the Volkswagen Passat B4 1993 variant. Which is a facelift from the B3 variant. Appertanly, I promised to make 5 asked community vehicles well there still in development. I made this vehicle on August 18th, 2023. Thank you to someone who mentioned to me to release it because there were some issues with it, but I managed to fix them. Also, the vehicle is a mid-poly from GTA IV. All the instructions are in the files.

Original model: Unknown? ( Can someone help me to find the original author )
GTA V convert: Mikeyboy242424
screenshots by: Mikeyboy242424
handling and optimizing DLC by Mikeyboy242424
Working lights
Working doors
Breakable glasses
changing colors
seats perfectly
working steering wheel
working handling
supported by dirt texture


FIRST: open [OPENIV] navigate to gta5 / mods / x64 / dlcpacks /

HERE activate "edit mode" and drag & drop "93passatb4var" folder from the .zip file archive

HEN go to gta5 / mods / update / update.rpf / common / data /

HERE find "dlclist.xml" right click on it and choose "edit"

at the bottom of the file above "" add this line


And the save it and replace it back to his place.



FIRST: open [OPENIV] navigate to gta5 / mods / x64e / levels / gta5 / vehicles /

HERE activate "edit mode" and go to the "replace" folder from the .zip file archive

Then Drag and Drop the ingot.yft ingot_hi.yft and ingot.ytd to replace the vanilla ingot.

Version 1.0
Contains detailed instructions for the Add-On and Replace versions.
ADD-ON / Replace
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