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NYPD Vehicles Pack [Add-On / FiveM] 4.2 b NYPD Pack add on/5M


New York City Police Department Vehicles Pack [5M\Add On] [NonElS]
Huge Mod 12 Vehicles

LED Message Board, options to change the text if you edit the YTD.
Close Facsimile, Close to accurate as possible NOT 100% but exterior lighting looks very realistic and all non els. Working highway risers!! open bonnet/boot

support me on Patrean every little bit helps making Awesome Public Mods. https://www.patreon.com/candimods

screenshots do not reflect any updates or new vehicles added

not every screw is the same location as NYPD cars every centimeter is not like NYPD, iF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT DOWNLOAD IT. SIMPLE. . this pack is in beta with improvements to carcols and vehicles.

this is optimized for fivem, there are no LODS dont complain go somehwere else.

some texture bugs still exist.
will be redoing ESU Truck 8 Scale is Off

-vertices on the non els lights on the highway risers disappear at times at certain angles but reappear like magic. this is an issues with the vertices of the emissives materials and im planning on changing out all the parts to new parts from HPDeskjet.

Version 4.2 Added more vehicles spawn codes below, all vehicles with a spotlight can MOVE!!! Movable Spotlights Via Left Stick Up and Down, or Ctrl and Shift. Spotlights turns on via high-beams
Version 4.0: Added more vehicles - when updating to new pack please delete old files and install new ones

livery's included and more to come

1. Hwy CVPI "nypdcvpi"
2. Explorer HWY "nypdhwyexplorer"
3. Explorer 99 PCT "nypdexplorer"
4. ESU Ambulance "nypdamb"
5. CVPI Slicktop - Marked and Unmarked Liveries "nypdcvpislick"
6. ESU Truck 8 [I will be redoing this scale is off on back truck] "nypdesu"
7. NYPD Chevy Express Van 2016 Seats 4 to 8 people with right layout(Traffic, Aux and Police Liveries "nypdvan"
8. Ford Fusion NYPD Traffic, Auxiliary, and Police Variants (Two Sizes/Scales)
9. Prius Traffic "nypdtraffic"
10. "nypdtaurus"
11. "nypdfocusrs" focus rs
12. "nypdsmart" nypd smartcar

Movable Spotlights Via Left Stick Up and Down, or Ctrl and Shift. Spotlights turns on via high-beams

To be added:
1. Dodge Charger Hwy Patrol
2. Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Unmarked
3. 99 NYPD Bus
and other stuff..

recommend using this PACK with my NYPD Police Stations MOds, Empire State Plate Mods, FDNY Ambulance MOD, and NYC Taxi Mod, Click my Profile link above to see all my mods related to NYC>

Lights are Based on NYPD
FedSig SLR LED Rotators!!!
LED Message Board POLICE MOVER OVER ITS THE LAW, you can edit this in the ytd. if you know how to.
Multi-livery up to 8 skins (template included) if not contact me in my server for help making skins for these vehicles.
Highway Risers operate via Boot and Bonnet
Stretcher Animations on Ambulance
highway risers open via boot/bonnet on highway patrols units
spotlight via highbeams

Vehicle Components
Extra_1 - White Rambar with collisions
Extra_2 - all black rambar with collisions
Extra_3 - rear Fed Sig Blues
Extra_ten - roof automatic license plate readers

some components will vary from vehicle to vehicle

follow on my discord or to make custom requests. support me on patreaon. https://www.patreon.com/candimods

Contributors and Credits
-Lights and Various Parts
Liveries by candice & shakur
Lightbar and parts from LSPDFR
Police equipment from Dev police accessories by devinkan
LED Message Board by Officer Wade
spotlight by officerfiveo
Whelen Avengers twin pack [DEV] by otaku
MH800 ALPR by tomcatt
Whelen LIN3 Linear Super-LED Lighthead by OfficerFiveO
Federal Signal Vision SLR By RoegonTV
Fed Sig SLR by otaku
hwy risers by Officrunderwood
MDT by Deskjet Christmas Developement Pack
FedSign Controller by Offierunderwood
MB controller by cst dunning

Focus RS by Thero from LCPDFR Dev Section
FPIS from LCPDFR Vehicle dev section
Prius and smarts models gamemodels.ru ripped by DMN from forza4

-16 Expressvan
Original model 2005 GMC Savana form DSF; Riped by DMN
Converted to into a '16 Chevy Express by 0taku
Converted to GTA V by 0taku
Templeted by 0taku
Window edits by TheHurk
Mapped by 0taku
Assorted parts by Otaku, Rockstar game and Cadnav.com
Dail's and [COL] by Rockstar games
LED from Generic Lightpack by Bueno
Third Seat Scratched by Capone

Fusion Credit's
- Original Author - Humster3D
- Ported to GTAIV - BriishGamer88
- Ported to GTAV - BritishGamer88
- Poly's Lowered - Tim
- New Material's/Texture's - BritishGamer88
- Wheel's - ObsidianGames(Mathew Cammack)
- Plates - Rockstar Games
- Modelled Boot Area - BritishGamer88
- Modelled Bonnet Area - BritishGamer88
- Interior - Unknow Author/Rockstar Games
- Door Interior - Rockstar Games/BritishGamer88

2008 Ford F-550 ESU:
Ford F550 Cab By Ubisoft Reflections & Ramon_Cube,
Converted To GTA IV By Lex_91,
Converted To GTA V By DeezNutties123,
Rear Removed By OfficerWalters,
Rear ESU Box Modeled By OfficerWalters,
Ladder Modeled By OfficerWalters,
Door Handles Modeled By OfficerWalters,
Textured By OfficerWalters,
Rear lights By Ironic Rainbow,
Templated By OfficerWalters.

Template & dirtmap edits by Candice
Parts From ESU truck and Dev Ambulance Box By RoeganTV

2003 Impala from LSPDFR GTA IV by Bxbuggs
- Ford explorer Base model purchased by Thehurk, GTAxB0SS, Requiem and Windows446
- Poly Crunched by Thehurk
- Textured and Converted by Thehurk
- Textures by Taylor Swift and Thehurk
- Rims by GTAxB0SS
- Interceptor Hood text by GTAxB0SS
- Interior purchased by TrentMU and FRGamer
- Ecoboost and Rear Police interceptor text by Jasonct203
- Converted to Police interceptor by Thehurk
- Templated by Thehurk

Original Ford Crown Victoria Model by Turn 10 Studios (Forza Horizon 3). Model Optimized, UV-Mapped, Templated & Converted to GTA V by PSource.
-Ford Crown Victoria Steel Rim Modeled by Luke.
-Tire Tread from Original GTA V Models. Fitted by PSource.
-Miscellaneous Parts & Textures from Driver: San Francisco (Ubisoft)

-ESU Ambulance Credits-
Ambulance model from turbosquid
powerload scratch modeled by xbr
Animations by Candi
Ambulance box from lcpdfr Dev section, redone and interior added by troopergoetz
Base model fordf450 from troopergoetz
New uv mapping by candimods
Liberty II to lamping/sobo
Livery by Candi
Veteran mods
fsq indicators by tomcatt gta v
Whelen m4 by james
Ultrafreedom by otaku
Quadflares by otaku
whelen m2 converted by StraightGlitcheZ from lcpdfr
med equip from MP Doomsday DLC R*
medtronic lifepak15 by cheese
2010 Ford Econoline Type 2 Ambulance Van Built by Malley Industries by Cray Sellick
cool beans and jearbear rescue and various other parts
cfd9437 tanker truck and trailer assorted

special thank to my Patreaons and all those the tested this pack.

.Frequently Asked Questions.
Can i Just have the ambulance?
ambulance only>> https://nextgenerationroleplay.com/index.php?/files/file/80-2017-ford-f450-superduty-single-cab-ambulance/

Texture loss?
try reducing the resolution of the textures in the ytd this will help on fivem.
no 4K textures in 5M
I cant see the emergency lights in the rear window?
This is because the windows are dirty!!! clean them, to make the car always clean.

The Left Rear Door Closes when I exit the vehicle?
This is due to the vehicle layout and is also the reason why you might exit or enter the back seats in a weird way.

This could be fix with custom vehicle layout but I don't know how to do that.

Save the vehicle in your trainer to operate doors and extras while you are outside the vehicle. As you exit the vehicle and walk to the back door you can use the trainer to open the saved vehicles doors. You can do this also with the Highway risers you can control them while you are outside of the vehicle

Changing light colors?
light colors can be changed in the ytd, m4 use emerglights texture, you can change the amber to another color of your choosing.

Additional liveries
can support up to 7 liveries and seats up to 4,template included, you may publish the skins you create, just link to this download.

since this pack is non els you will also have to edit the color code for each siren in the carcols.meta, its located towards the end of the code and used a color hex code.

How to operate powerload system?
Using your vehicle trainer or vehicle menu, you and load and unload the stretcher, by open/close bonnet/hood, using the vehicle component menu to toggle on/off stretcher, patient, or equipment.

If you save this vehicle in your trainer or vehicle menu you can operate the doors and vehicle components while outside the vehicle.

Please note the stretcher is in the vehicle components menu, you have to toggle it on.

In 5M, OMG the lights don't work? This is more than likely a conflict with the siren IDs of another add on vehicle pack you have installed, you should as normal keep track of all your add one and there sirensetting ID number, this can avoid this issue in the future where IDs conflict and break the non els lights on a pack of vehicles.

Where can i get Support from ?
On discord at https://discord.gg/bYfgJbZ
report bugs on discord

Terms of use
you may use my models in fivem or SP, you are NOT allowed to rip, reupload, redistribute, or repackage this modification. you are not allowed to upload this file and claim it as your own on any site, server, local, drives, cloud drives, or otherwise. Please link to this download. you are NOT allowed to UNLOCK this file. Texture Devs and other devs may ONLY link to this download only.
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