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Karin "Blind Spot" Everon [Add-On]

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So uh, July 8th, it's my birthday today. This truck is a little shitposting-grade side project made specially for it.

So go shine on 'em!

This vehicle is based on an awesome real-life project by rctestflight, the Worlds Brightest LED Light Bar truck.

- A fuckbright LED array on the roof - toggle it with the horn button
- Some customization
- Handmade LODs for everything

Spawn code: bspot

To prevent issues:
- A custom gameconfig.xml, Packfile Limit Adjuster and HeapAdjuster allow you to avoid most crashes and other common problems with GTA 5 mods - please install them if you're modding your game extensively.
- SirenSetting Limit Adjuster is highly recommended for this mod, to prevent lighting ID conflicts, which can make emergency lights look wrong if you have many other mods.

Contact me
- Discord DMs: w/#7263
- LoreHub Discord server
- Or here in comments (but please, not through gta5-mods.com forums)

rctestflight - the idea and inspiration
Jacobmaate, bravo_one_charlie - stock Karin Everon

Notes and disclaimers:
Bugs and dealing with issues - This mod is not a high-quality high-effort one, it's more of an idea showcase / test bed, and usual extensive bug testing hasn't been done for it. That said, I cannot guarantee you a bug-free experience. Still, don't hesitate to ask for support, we will try to help you as much as possible.

FiveM and other multiplayer mods - I allow you to use this mod on FiveM servers, but please contact all others contributors and ask them too. If you get this mod on a server, any photos, videos or other content would be much appreciated. I love seeing my mods in action as much as enjoy making them.

Multiplayer support - I won't be able to help you with most FiveM issues, as I barely know anything about this platform. Please read related forums for solutions.

Reuploads - Re-uploading this mod to other websites is allowed, but gta5-mods.com is and will be the only place where the mod gets maintained regularly and is 100% safe to download and install.
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