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Bravado Buffalo SX - Stock Buffalo STX (Civilian / Police) [Add-On] 2.1

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This is an attempt to stock-ify the Bravado Buffalo STX. Included is a civilian and a police version + a livery template

This mod works without the new Contract DLC!

So what changed?
- Removed front grille air intakes
- Removed back air intakes
- Removed rear diffuser
- Changed grille and front bumper
- New hood
- New side skirts
- Normals fixes
- Added new economy seats
- Removed plastic trim on side intakes
- New mapping for easier liveries
- Added column shifter
- Fixed back badge
- Fixed faulty layouts file
- Remove bullet resistant glass
- Bigger trunk opening angle
- Probably other stuff i forgot about

So what changed - Changelog to 2.0
- Added a completely new stock front bumper
- Added a new and improved back bumper
- Added new V6 engine
- Added new vertex paint
- Added new weighted normals
- Added collisions to both so they fall off
- Added new extras to both civilian and police version
- Added new RWD and AWD handling
- Added a new headlight cluster setup with DRLs and indicators
- Removed rear coronas
- Several minor bug fixes

11john11 - Steelies, handling edits, screenshots
Xana/M4k3 - V6 Engine L0
Eddlm - Handling
daerius - Front bumper L0
Han'SGarage - Rear bumper edits
RooST4R - Civilian Rims
w/ - Trunk equipment
Vx5 Voltage, Voit Turyv, Alexander LB - Center police console
Crizby - Livery
Nacho - Everything else


1. Start OpenIV.
2. Navigate to the mods folder
4. Move the provided folder (bufsx folder) inside:


5. Locate 'dlclist.xml':


6. Open it and add the following line to the bottom:


7. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use.

I have put a lot of effort in a short time into this mod. If you enjoy its contents, feel free to buy me a beer by donating with the link next to my user name! I appreciate it.

Feel free to edit this mod aslong as you give proper credits and don't make any monetary gain from it - this includes Patreon mods.
No FiveM support! You're the server dev, make it work yourself.
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