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Albany Cavalcade Stretch [ Add-on | LODs ] 1.0

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These days, the only things certain in life are stretch conversions, and for that we can thank those prolonging death and dodging taxes. Frankly, you could with do a lot worse than a landboat of an SUV for a limo base - a double length increase will hardly make a difference on the road, and you'll have even more space to drink yourself silly and black out in.

Features :
Full LODs
Proper Glass Shards
Paintable interior

Credits :
Skysder : Commissioner
Dani02 : Glass shards & other porting help
MyCrystals! : Mod Page Description
AnnisSavestra : Pics
(Ambient) : Pics
ssg004 : Pics

Installation is in the readme file.

Vanillaworks Standard License Format (VSmLF-1.0)

By downloading this package and/or it's cumulative updates, you will agree the following terms and conditions.

Modifying this package and it's contents except the text data such as handling, meta files and modkit, uploading or hosting it elsewhere as is or in a modified state, using it on multiplayer game clients such as FiveM servers without author's permission and selling, paywalling or monetizing in any shape or form is prohibited. Failing to comply these terms will result in copyright complaints against offending individuals and/or entities on respective platforms. To get permission to use this content in your multiplayer clients, please contact me on discord @ WibFlip#6308.
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