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[NON ELS] 2008 Ford F550 Flatbed Tow Truck 1.0

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My Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bBMQJR5

Looking for your own skin for the truck? Join this discord!

Want to know how to change the light color and the ambient color? Watch my YouTube video here!

This 2008 Ford F550 Flatbed Tow Truck is great for small tow truck companies who are just starting up there company and or looking for a smaller truck to pickup cars!

[Installation Path]
Just grab the Tow Truck file and throw it in your "Resources" file and start the file name in your server.cfg
Installation for ADD-ON in Single Player included on the downloaded file!

- Cab: DeezNutties123
- Flatbed Base: B4good
- Whelen M7: Panos_zaf
- Whelen Legacy: Bxbugs123
- Generic Lighting: Bueno
- Generic Side Runners: Raptor2000
- Zeakor Prop: IceTheDev
- Screenshots: IceTheDev
- Skin: JasonB203
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