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    @777Projekt: Strangely, after trying to install your mod, the game would just not start properly anymore. I don't exactly know the root cause but as soon as I start editing the handling lines given in your add text files, the game just crashes without any error message after a few seconds upon startup. I tried installing your mod now a few times but every single time the same problem occurs. As soon as I put the handling.meta files without your mod back into the game, everything works. Are you aware of any issues like that? I'm playing on version 2545 btw. I would really like to enjoy your mod, the results in the videos seem absolutely awesome but so far there's no way for me to get it running.

    Август 24, 2022
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    I would also appreciate an update to bypass the new Rockstar Game Launcher. I just made a new copy of GTA to start modding in a proper way and it's just impossible to get the game running without the "verified installation". However, I had no luck with either the renamed .exe or the .asi file from the 2.0 mod version. And as far as it seems there is no other working way to play offline with mods as long as you are playing on Windows with a non-steam version of the game.

    Септември 30, 2019