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    @lowkey44 Thanks, it worked

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    Hi @LSLifeCreators first of all, I would like to thank you for this amazing and fun mod.
    I'm having trouble with one of my dealers (one if fine, the 2nd and most recent is bugged i guess?), I cant give him orders it just show as order <none> and cant claim money cuz it says "he hasnt made any money"and he also follows me to the car but if i take off fast he stays there the problem is, he isnt even dealing and he has like 59oz of cocaine 200oz crack and 1000+ of weed, cant even kill him (though i could get the drugs) I tried to kill him with a grenade launcher, but he didnt died and my drug car was destroyed ahah but after that he had like 60k for me (and before was saying he didnt made any drug transiction yet) but still couldnt give him any order, Do you know how to fix this? Thanks