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    amazing mod! im having a bug where the camera isn't in the right position ex. the funeral in the beginning of the game camera is in a grave plot next to the fake funeral no where near michael and the first cutscene with michael and his therapist the camera is stuck looking out the window for the whole cinematic. is this a known bug? or is this something on my end possibly? also i thought a good idea would be to add the ability to freecam in the cinematics so you control what the character is looking at and not have to watch the scripted movements this might fix the choppy movement of the camera aswell just a suggestion not a modder so i have no idea if its possible still gonna use the mod with the bug or not great work thanks!

    Јануари 2, 2020
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    @hadinajafi77 i havent played too much but the gates and walls and stuff i have placed to close off a parking garage have stayed

    Февруари 28, 2018
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    hey just wondering if there is a way to increase the crafting limit and a way to add more crafting objects

    Февруари 27, 2018
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    @ikt okay thanks alot for the help and making gta better

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    hey great mod works great im having one issue im hoping you can help me with. im trying to reassign the controls on gamepad in the in game menu you provided but after clearing the currently assigned button and pressing enter to then assign my intented button it wont read the gamepad,(gamepad still works to play game) i cant reassign the old button without reinstalling the mod is there any alternative to remapping the controls?