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  • Michael2

    @Chief Greezler I used 7zip, so perhaps windows does not support the compression method I used by default.

    I will fix this in the next version.

    @SonicBoomChan I will look into it, but I am not sure if it will work well.

  • Michael2

    @phadeb Thanks, fixed.

  • Michael2

    Great mod :)

    A few notes:
    First, ped respawn could use some work (obviously this is a very difficult task) so that they do not spawn in front of the player and they don't spawn in walls.

    Second, and simpler, there should be a config option to disable riot mode on "death" or arrest. It makes sense (in my mind) to require further user input before assuming they want to continue at the hospital.

  • Michael2

    I'm liking the mod so far :) One note, the attract and repell modes are messed up and the explosion mode shouldn't continue to explode cars after they are car-casses.

    On a programming node, is this acheived through finding nearby vehicles using GET_PED_NEARBY_VEHICLES? It has not been working for me as of so far.

    Април 29, 2015