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  • E611db img 6885(20200604 010514)

    @rakhmn You can just use the old version's .ini file, that's ok!

    Август 7, 2020
  • E611db img 6885(20200604 010514)

    This is really a wonderful mod, I like it very much. But now I have to need a pure version of GTAV, I want to know how to uninstall this mod, thank you!

  • E611db img 6885(20200604 010514)

    @kukupie OK, I downloaded the newest version and had a try, this time is normal, the previous problem has been solved. I could really have a great experience in the game. Thanks very much!

  • E611db img 6885(20200604 010514)

    @kukupie OK, I have an instagram account, my account named "kuiduoshi", it looks like my 5mods account name, but the initial is not capitalized. You can search me and add me. Thank you!

  • E611db img 6885(20200604 010514)

    I like this mod very much, but I have a question, did you set every gang member to be a "Heavy Armored Gunman"? !
    I mean I can't kill the gang members quickly and easily, it looks like they are very hard, they really have heavy HP points. I'm a player of LSPDFR, I think this random gang riot mod is interesting during my duty task, but even if I called many back up units, including 4-5 SWAT Riot Van, about 20 SWAT unit, we can't eliminate the gang members, but the gang members will kill all of us unless I press the delete key and all the gang members will disappear. So, forgive me for saying a little more, I just want to ask, is this situation normal? Do you really design the gang members to be very hard?