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  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    I have been trying for years on end to even launch the game with EVE but even still after all this time, I cannot do so and that's even with FiveM so I've found. I have had everything required when I first tried EVE about 4 or 3 years ago or so and still have everything that's required nowadays, including Voukoder but VoukoderPro specifically. Alas, I still get a black screen every time GTA pops up, no error code to speak of to help me steer clear of this issue (including FiveM so it seems), and that all puts me at a loss. Does anyone have an idea as to what's going on? I can send my FiveM crash log if anyone would like me to.

  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    @ninjabrick743618 Simple; do exactly what I've said 3 years ago unless if you're on Linux or some other platform. Everyone has the same save directory as you do, assuming you're not on Windows, within the "GTA V" folder located in the Rockstar Games folder within the Documents directory. GTA doesn't save to your Steam's root folder, as does the rest of Rockstar's catalogue also and some other games too outside of their line of games, so there's no need to go there whatsoever.

    Ноември 5, 2023
  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    @PepeEscopeta68 Nice to see I am not the only one that took matters into their own hands, although I applied every change in values and such I've taken notice of from the v31 config into my own config from the latest version, based off of the stock traffic variation. Suffice to say, my own handiwork works like a charm for me. :)

    Октомври 21, 2023
  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    @MRF Same here too (I used the SP version) but I just figured out why the model was broken. Turns out I, probably also you too, confused the mp version with how the fivem variants works (they are usually the mp versions) and thought the sp version was one to use in my case but it wasn't because it only works with Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. So I swapped the sp version of the shoes out with the mp version and my tops haven't glitched out since :D

    Август 6, 2022
  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    Anyone else Harry Potter-ing their way through some of the parts of the island? I can just straight up go through the floor to either the bathroom right after going up the stairs or falling out of the villa in another spot, not to mention I fall through the island when going to the helipad via it's path xD In all seriousness tho, how can I fix this?

  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    Nvm, managed to get it working on my server but some of the building is missing such as the ground under the helipads and a few select walls around the building. Idk if it's the version of Map builder I am using or what but other than that, it's a good mod :)

  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    Making a resource manifest is quite simple:
    1. Create a new text document
    2. Put this in there:
    fx_version "adamant"
    game "gta5"

    author 'hybridymaps'
    description 'Sandy FOB'
    version '1.0'

    Save the document after putting that in the doc and rename it to "fxmanifest.lua"
    3. Go to your server's resources folder and put this in the map's resource. Make sure to NOT drag it into your 'stream' folder and you're done :)

  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    Your map doesn't have a resource manifest, a fxmanifest.lua file to be more precise, and a server can't find the resource for this map without one. Therefore the map doesn't appear in-game on a FiveM server

  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    Looks good, would it be possible to make a FiveM version of this? That would be great if you could :D

  • 0a31ba screenshot (1458)

    @VLADIMPALER72 Right.

    Октомври 29, 2021