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    Im a bit a noob compared to some of you guys but if it helps any, so far I have deleted and copying a new mods folder with openIV, but hat I find is that if I add anymore than 1 car as a DLC addon it crashes with the error everyone has, the only way around this I have found is to use the replace method rather than add-on, even if one of the vehicles is a DLC, I can replace but not add anymore into the game.
    Just some things I've noticed it may help someone find a better work around

    Февруари 22, 2019
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    Can someone please offer some advise, I have this mod installed and works fine, I added in a car mod (rolls Royce dawn) as an add-on on, it works fine, if I add any other car mods I get an error on start up

    CORE: An exception occurred while executing 'OpenInteriors.asi' (0x00007FFB3238B950), id 37

    Press OK to continue.

    If I change the config file to 0 multiplayer maps a lot of the interiors disappear, is there something causing new mods to cause this one to crash? Really frustrating that I can only add in 1 car.

    (I understand the dev has a life so I'm not annoyed that way, just annoyed that I can't find what the hell is going on)

    Февруари 6, 2019