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    So I used everything from props to gangs in the V1 . It works perfect. Maybe you might thinkof putting 1-4 together in a xml file and the last load file separately. Because 1_4 loads in map quickly and sometimes when I upload last load files. It takes awhile. But also I tried on my modded GTA with all my mods of gangs and cops from vedga and other mods and it crashes when I load last load file. So it's easier to start with a fresh modded game and than add everything slowly. I will make a list of what's compatible and what's not.

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    @scarredface1017 I tried all 3 different downloads. And I found out with V2 and V2-1. It's incompatible with most of my mods and there's lots of floating props. So I installed the first version V1. Works the best. But you have to have a clean mod game to start fresh. In order for all buildings and props to work .older version is the best .The only thing is. I have to reload Sandy shores every time I log on. I wish there was a way to save it somehow. So I don't always have to reload in-game.i think just keep the original V1 the way it is. And just figure a way to save urban Sandy shores without having to upload it every time I log in.