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Auto DLC 1.2.1

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Auto DLC is a small program, which can automatically install any DLC mod from its archive. (zip/rar/7z)
It's basically for anyone, who wants to have a easy, save and clean DLC installation.


- Windows 7/8/10
- Open IV to install dlclist.xml (make sure .oiv files are opened with Open IV)
- No additional programs required


- Automatic installation of a DLC mod directly from downloaded archive with Open IV
- Portable in a limited way (can be used anywhere, but has to be uninstalled)
- You can set everything up, change some settings and uninstall the application from the config window

New in this version:

- Fixed: Several new issues with dlclist generation

If you prefer using this program to only create the dlclist, use v1.1.0.

Upcoming in v1.3.0:
- GUI for the rest of the program
- Few more things, depends how much time I can invest ...


- Short instructions are included in the Readme file!
- Some Antivirus might detect the program as Malware (false positive). This happens due to the compression, which reduces filesize.
- There is also a 32 Bit version included, if your System doesn't support 64 Bit.
- Config window can be opened by typing "cfg" in the "Name" field

Goals until v2.0.0

- Install up to 100 DLC mods at once (possibly more)
- List, uninstall and rename of all your installed DLC mods
- Different Profiles for the mods you want to have loaded

Big Thanks to:

- Open IV team for their great program!
- 7-Zip for providing a free to use archive packer!
- Horst Schaeffer for his convenient free command line programs!

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