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Zombie War (80% Police Mod + 20% Zombie Mod) Beta8.1


Please note: this mod needs to load the DLC map, so the game will show that you are loading online mode, but don’t worry, in fact you won't actually enter online mode :) (Sorry for my bad English)

❗❗ The method of starting the mod by N key is no longer valid, please read the 'Description' or 'ReadMe.pdf' to learn about the new method.

❗❗ If you have problems, please read ReadMe.pdf → 'Problems & Solutions' first. If the content of ReadMe.pdf cannot be displayed normally, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader. I spent more than a week making ReadMe.pdf. If you ignore it, I will ignore your comments.

⚠️ Attention
  I deleted my donation button because it seems to be no use.🤷 Seriously, I made this mod for myself mainly to fit MY PLAY STYLE, which is why the positioning of this mod is not clear. Future updates will be more and more irrelevant to zombies. Maybe this mod will become ‘Zombie Mod + Police Mod + Riot Mod + Alien Mod + Military Mod + ......’ in the future. If I find something interesting, I will add it to this mod. In short, thank you for downloading and I'll be glad if you like my mod. Of course, I won't give up updating this mod unless Rockstar releases GTA6 ;)
  You can make a suggestion, but I'm not sure I can realize it. On the one hand, it takes me extra time, on the other hand, my programming level is not enough. Hope you can understand, Thank you.

Known Bugs
- [Hard to Fix] In the gang activity mission, gang members are sometimes spawned into buildings
- [Unknown Cause] In rare cases, even if you do nothing after starting the mod, the game will crash (I've only met twice)
- [Unknown Cause] In rare cases, the screen is always black after the player dies (I only met once)
- [Error Code] There was an error running the 'MenuPool: Process Control' comand: Conflicts with other mods, please delete other mods :(
- [Unknown Cause] For some add-on police cars, you need to stand near the hood to open the trunk (By the way, use the 'replace' command to turn the vehicle you are currently driving into your exclusive vehicle that can let you open the police computer and trunk)
- [Waiting for Repair] After death, you can't kill police zombie: Uncheck the 'infection' option and check it again
- [Waiting for Repair] Backup Units won't attack police zombie

  In the chaos after the outbreak of zombie virus, criminals in Los Santos are ready to start wriggling -- ready to make trouble. As a member of this city, of course you can't sit idly by. You can choose to be a police officer, agent or soldier. It's your mission to clean up zombies, fight crime and protect the weak. At the same time, you can call the police, the military or the mercenaries to support you.
  This is a Police Mod based on the Script Hook V .NET by crosire, you can also think that this is a combination of the police mod and the zombie mod. I admit it's a lot like LSPDFR, moreover, this Mod is not as powerful as LSPDFR because it cannot support plug-ins and is inferior to LSPDFR in many functions. But compared with the real style LSPDFR, this mod is more difficult and crazy. Many missions you can't do alone, so you have to call backup. Of course, you can choose to turn on God mode.
  The early version of this mod only has barricade mode, which is still retained in the new version. I haven't abandoned this mode, and I will add more functions to this mode in the future.

- News will be displayed every hour, which will show you what matters after the outbreak of zombie virus in Los Santos, just like Plague Inc.
- New zombie types, including riot zombie, firefighter zombie and self explosive zombie (I will add more types in the future). And you can modify the number and model of zombies through modifying .ini file
- For military backup units, such as riflemen and HMG Team, I took the units in Company of Heroes 2 as a reference
- Police radio uses police codes frequently according to the situation, such as 'need assistance', 'arrived at scene', 'officer down' and so on. For this, I searched many police code lists.
- Play music in the missions. (I need to listen to them one by one from a list of more than a few thousand lines of sound effects and I only find a small part) 🎵
- Missions (I will add more in the future, you can select the missions you want to play through 'police computer - current crimes'):
 ① Request for Rescue
 ② Robbery: Truck
 ③ Gang Activity (The types of gangs are Ballas, The Families, Lost MC, Los Santos Vagos and Varrios Los Aztecas. Some of gang members will choose melee just like GTA4)
 ④ Assault Stronghold (This mission can only be started through the police computer. The types of enemies are Altruists, Clowns, Bogdan's Crew, Cliffford Mercenaries and Gang Members. This supports loading XML files created through the Map Editor by Guadmaz)
 ⑤ Robbery: Cash Truck
 ⑥ Prison/Jail Break
 ⑦ Alien Invasion 👽 (Beta8.1)
- Automatic Call Backup (Beta8.1) 🚨
 Use this function through the police computer menu. I combined the wanted style of GTA SA, GTA IV and GTA V. I recommend that you use this feature in "Assault Stronghold" and "Alien Invasion" missions.
  2★: Local Patrol Unit × 3
  3★: Local Patrol Unit × 4 + Local Air Patrol
  4★: Local Patrol Unit × 5 + Local Air Patrol + NOOSE TRU / FIB Tactical Team
  5★: Local Patrol Unit × 5 + NOOSE Air Patrol × 2 + NOOSE TRU / FIB Tactical Team × 2
  6★: (Local Patrol Unit or Riflemen) × 5 + Shock Troops × 2 + Aviation Combat Unit × 2

- Enter 'startup' in the input box to startup mod.
Where is the input box? Please read ReadMe.pdf → 'Controls & Commands'
- Mod menu Key is N(default)
- Backup menu Key is B(default)
- Police Computer menu Key is Q (This can only be used on your exclusive vehicle marked with blue blip and I released a version in the comments area that can change the Q key)
- Trunk menu Key is E (You need to stand near the trunk of your exclusive vehicle with a blue blip, and for some add-on police cars, you need to stand near the hood to open the trunk :P)
(For more details, please read ReadMe.pdf → 'Controls & Commands')

🤔 How to get a exclusive vehicle with blue blip? Through the police station garage 🚔

↓ After you have all the prerequisites, add all files from the rar to the scripts folder.
(For more details on the installation steps, please read ReadMe.pdf→'Prerequisite & Installation')

- Microsoft .NET Framework ≥ 4.8
- ScriptHookV
- Script Hook V .NET v3.3.1+
- NativeUI 1.9.1
- Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 x64

  • Beta8.1

  • This is just a small update. I haven't added the online mode character yet
    - You can only start the mod through the 'startup' command! How to use commands? Please read ReadMe.pdf
    - Add three new strongholds
    - Added 'alien invasion mission'
    - Detail adjustment and bug fixed
    - Add "Automatic call backup" to the police computer menu, You can use this function through the police computer menu.
     I combined the wanted style of GTA SA, GTA IV and GTA V
      2★: Local Patrol Unit × 3
      3★: Local Patrol Unit × 4 + Local Air Patrol
      4★: Local Patrol Unit × 5 + Local Air Patrol + NOOSE TRU / FIB Tactical Team
      5★: Local Patrol Unit × 5 + NOOSE Air Patrol × 2 + NOOSE TRU / FIB Tactical Team × 2
      6★: (Local Patrol Unit or Riflemen) × 5 + Shock Troops × 2 + Aviation Combat Unit × 2

  • Beta8

  • - Remade Readme.pdf
    - Adjust the logic of zombie searching for the target
    - Fix the problem that the mission objective is not displayed
    - Fix the problem of freezing when switching between backup menus
    - Fix the problem that the package will not appear on the ground
    - Backup unit drivers will use reverse gear to avoid obstacles
    - Several bug fixes
    - Add police computer menu: You can view the current crimes in the police computer
    - Added trunk menu: There are first aid kit, body armor and ammunition box in the trunk
    - When your vehicle is destroyed, the insurance will compensate you
    - Strongholds:
    ├ You can find the criminal stronghold on the police computer and start the 'assault stronghold' mission
    ├ You can make a stronghold through the barricade menu
    ├ Support loading XML files made by Map Editor by Guadmaz
    ├ Types of enemies in the stronghold: Gang members, Clowns, Bogdan's Crew, Cliffford Mercenaries and Altruists
    - Add two missions: robbery (cash truck), prison/jail break
    - When criminals run too far, you will lose the chance to chase them
    - Add 'Infection' option, after checking, the NPC will become a zombie after death
    - Add 'Ped Density' option
    - Add 'Very Fast' to 'Zombie Speed'
    - NPCs will temporarily lose resistance after being bitten by a zombie (falling to the ground)
    - Reduce the possibility of backup units spawning in the ocean
    - Strengthen backup units, improve their health, shooting accuracy, etc.
    - Display the kill and loss statistics after the mission is completed
    - Detail adjustment

  • Beta7

  • - Add a new mission: Gang(Ballas, The Families, Lost MC, Los Santos Vagos and Varrios Los Aztecas) Activity. I consulted gtawiki for their weapons and vehicles and some of gang members will choose melee just like GTA4
    - Add "No Peds" option, which is off by default.
    - Add options to select which kinds of zombies appear
    - Better police radio: Need assistance, arrived at scene and officer down……I searched a lot of police code list for this.
    - News will be displayed every hour, which will show you what matters after the outbreak of zombie virus in Los Santos, just like Plague Inc :D
    - Fixed the problem that sometimes animal zombies will flee
    - Fixed the problem that NPCs will repeatedly enter the vehicle, which prevented them from entering the vehicle
    - Rewrite the AI of backup units, including that they will return to their vehicles and better adapt to different missions
    - You can now change the zombie model through the .ini file
    - Add music to missions. If you don't like it, you can turn it off in the setting menu
    - Give guards and bodyguards different blips to distinguish them from bakup units
    - Uniform armed soldiers' clothing
    - Change some details

  • Beta6

  • - The air support unit of NOOSE can use the minigun of the helicopter
    - Adjust the attack AI of guards and increase their rate of fire
    - Reduce the frequency of repeated reloads of guards holding RPG
    - Fixed the problem that the state police unit cannot be spawned
    - Adjust the size of the subtitle font
    - Add color to the help information of the police station gate
    - Fixed the problem that the duty officer in the aromry was missing
    - Fixed the problem that the items in the armory menu still display the equipment status after removing all weapons
    - Fixed the problem the camera still stays in the armory after the player exits the armory

  • Beta5

  • - Show mission location
    - Added sound effects: dispatch center information, cancel mission, complete mission and mission failed
    - Increase recapture package mission: Our truck transporting survival resources was ambushed, please go to support
    - Added police support menu
    - Increase the type of support unit
    - AI adjustment: Sometimes support staff will try to get back to their vehicle
    - Fixed the issue that the explosion of bomb zombies was delayed
    - Add a passenger option to the spawn menu. When turned on, the passengers will use the weapons of the armed vehicles, and the driver will park the vehicles in place instead of driving them around.
    - Reduce the possibility of normal NPC spawning in the game
    - Support to save the color of the player's vehicle

  • Beta4

  • Police Department
    - Add blips to police department
    - Add special blips to police officers to distinguish them from the military
    - After opening mod, the player will appear in front of the police department gate of the last visit
    - Players' models, weapons and vehicles can be saved
    - After approaching the police department gate, you can press E to open the police department menu
    - police department menu is divided into locker room, armory and garage
    - After entering the armory, players can hear the self talk of the officer on duty
    - The officer in the armory will show the player the corresponding weapon
    - When the player wakes up in the hospital, the model will change automatically and the player's vehicle will be parked nearby
    Police Radio
    - Turn on the police radio and prepare to receive the mission
    - In the current version, there is only one mission of rescuing survivors. I will add more types in the future
    - Add more models to Zs
    - Add drunkenness effect to Zs
    - Add more wounds to the Zs' appearance to make it look more like a Z
    - Fixed the problem that urban Zs will appear in the country
    - Reduce the probability of riot Zs
    - Add more bite actions to Zs
    - The gunfire will attract more Zs
    - Add slow down Zs option. If enabled, 80% of Zs choose to walk during the day and 60% choose to run at night
    - Reduce the possibility that firefighters' Zs can't throw out bottles
    - Bodyguards spawned by other modifiers will not die immediately. (After testing, there is a problem that they will not actively attack Zs)
    - Increase the attack distance of the guards
    - Increase Zs reaction speed
    - Optimize the behavior of Zs.
    - Fix the problem that the bodyguard won't get in the car
    - Fixed problems that some backup units would not be spawned
    - Fixed a problem that caused warning messages to pop up frequently
    - Reduce the possibility of crash after player death
    - In the first person, the vision will not be blocked by clothing
    - Add more options: display loss count, highlight Zs position

  • Beta3

  • - Add a Chinese version
    - Bug fixd: Too many refresh points do not spawn zomibes properly
    - Improving ai for zombies: Zombies can now cross barriers and climb ladders
    - Increase the shooting rate of NPCs
    - Increase the rate of spawning zombies
    - Vehicles' lights will be automatically turned on, which are spawned by spawn menu
    - Add more relationship groups (LSPD, LSSD, SAPR, NYSP, and IAA)
    - Add more NPC types (SAPR, NYSP, and IAA)
    - Add option of NPC's weapons
    - Add option of NPC's combat style
    - Add more vehicle types

  • Beta2

  • - Add bodyguards.
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