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Weapon/Vehicle Trader 5.0 (SHVDN3 Update)



this mod allows the player to purchase, any weaponized vehicle, any MK2 weapon, or a bunch of other things all can be purchased straight from Agent 14, at Trevor's Airfield

look for the blue Ammunation gun on the map, should be next to Trevor's Airfield, when your are there (if Agent 14 doesnt spawn please pres INS to reload mods), walk up to Agent 14 and press G to open the menu

MK2 Attachments for guns in the "Gun Running update "will be added in a future update

and yes i know the dll file says MilitaryTrailer.dll, its supposed to be MillitaryTrader.dll, a small bug on my behalf

first create a folder named scripts if you havnt, in gtav game directory folder
next install scripthookvdotnet and scripthookv
then download the zip and put the contents of the zip in scripts
download LemonUI from the text file "LEMONUI DOWNLOAD LINK" in the zip,
put the contents of the SHVDN2 folder from the lemonUI zip in scripts

please note that when purchasing a vehicle, it spawns 25m from whatever direction the player is facing!

converted mod to LemonUI
Updated Gunlocker to include Cayo Perico Weapons
added a new menu to purchase all vehicles from an ini file
minor fixes
Now Uses IfuitAddon2 NOT Ifruitaddon (included in zip)
fixed multiple agent 14 from spawning
fixed agent 14 and insurgent not de-spawning on script unload
added Mobile option for trader
added Mobile Gun Locker,
added UI at trader
added contacts to phone for mobile gunlocker and mobile trader
redid most code
added second Trader located at LSIA (red Ammunation blip)
added named blips

added Turreted limo
added sea sparrow
fixed invulnerable and off the radar only going for a minute not 2 minutes
added all weapon attachments to MK2 weapons Added in the "Doomsday Heist"
initial release
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Првпат Додадено: Април 20, 2018
Последно Ажурирање: Август 12, 2023
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 5.0 (SHVDN3 Update) (current)

3.374 симнато , 652 KB
Август 12, 2023

 4.0 (LemonUI Update)

6.169 симнато , 185 KB
Февруари 5, 2022

 3.0 (Updated Gunlocker)

3.363 симнато , 131 KB
Август 1, 2021

 2.0 (Vehicle Purchase Menu)

5.333 симнато , 63 KB
Септември 8, 2019


2.182 симнато , 50 KB
Април 30, 2019


1.544 симнато , 44 KB
Февруари 14, 2019


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Февруари 13, 2019


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Мај 12, 2018


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Април 29, 2018


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Април 28, 2018


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Април 20, 2018

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