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VRope [.NET] v1.0.13 alpha



VRope v1.0.13.646 alpha.

Mod Description
This mod allows you to attach ropes to pairs of objects and manipulate them. You can connect objects to virtually anything. Peds, walls, streetlights, dogs, helicopters,cars, etc.

( F11 ) Disable/Enable the Mod.
The mod is enabled automatically on game load.

Change Log
>> New feature: Air Transport Hooks - Attach ropes to Vehicles (max of 58) and Peds (max of 3) while in a flying vehicle.
  > Alternate among 4 transport hook modes: Single (Center, 1 rope), Left/Right (2 ropes), Front/Back (2 ropes) or Cross (4 ropes).
  > Use the "Wind/Unwind All Ropes" controls to lower/lift objects.
  > Props are not supported. Only Vehicles and Peds.
> Updated mod to the latest ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVNet.
> Improved error handling.

Main Features & Default Controls

Controls (On Foot / Global):
  • Attach a rope/wire to a pair of objects. (Aim+T Key | Aim+A Button).

    • Attach the player character to an object (Works when on foot or driving). (Aim+H Key | Aim+B Button).

      • Delete the last/first rope created. (X/LShiftKey+X Keys | DPadDown/None Button).

        • Delete all the ropes. (Z Key | DPadDown+RightTrigger Button).

          • Wind the last rope created or all the ropes. (Y/J Keys | DPadRight/DPadRight+RightShoulder Buttons).

            • Unwind the last rope created or all the ropes, until their original lengths. (U/K Keys | None/DPadUp+X Buttons).

              • Toggle the "Balloon Hook Mode" (The first object of every new attachment will fly upwards).
                (LMenu+LShiftKey Keys | LeftThumb Button).

                • Increase the Balloon Up Force. (LShiftKey+U Keys | LeftTrigger+RightShoulder+RightStickUp Buttons).

                  • Decrease the Balloon Up Force. (LShiftKey+J Keys | LeftTrigger+RightShoulder+RightStickDown Buttons).

                    • Toggle the "No Subtitles Mode" (Suppress all subtitle white text shown by the mod). (LMenu+Back (Backspace) Keys).

                      • Apply a force on the object you're aiming at. (Aim+LShiftKey+E Keys | Aim+DPadLeft Button)

                        • Apply a force with inverted direction on the object you're aiming at. (Aim+LMenu(Left Alt)+E Keys | Aim+Y Button)

                          • Apply a force on an object towards a second object or position. (Aim+E Key | Aim+A Button)

                            • Increase the force value. (LMenu(Left Alt)+U Key | RightShoulder+RightStickUp Buttons)

                              • Decrease the force value. (LMenu(Left Alt)+J Keys | RightShoulder+RightStickDown Buttons)

                              Controls (In Flying Vehicle):
                              • Attach a rope to the nearest entity of the selected type (B Key).

                                • Attach a rope to each entity of the selected type within the vehicle radius (maximum of 58 for Vehicles and 3 for Peds) (N Key).

                                  • Attach a rope to the entity of the selected type right below the vehicle (LShiftKey(Left Shift)+D1('1' Key) Key).

                                    • Change the current transport hook mode: Single (Center), Left/Right, Front/Back or Cross (4 ropes)
                                      (LShiftKey(Left Shift)+D3('3' Key) Key).

                                      • Change the current selected entity type to transport: Vehicle or Ped (LShiftKey(Left Shift)+D4('4' Key) Key).

                                      • Objects are automatically detached when they are too far from the player (Only if Free Range Mode is disabled).
                                      • Objects are attached based on where you aimed at them.
                                      • Objects are automatically detached if they get deleted/despawned by the game.

                                      • > Note: All control keys and button assignments can be changed in the VRope.ini config file.

                                        Known Limitations/Bugs
                                        • Attaching ropes to more than 3 Peds may crash the game so it's limite to 3.
                                        • Making attached peds move at really extreme speeds may crash the game.
                                        • There is a chance that attaching ropes to Peds may lead to a game crash (RAGE/Euphoria glitch).
                                        • Peds (except the player) can't be attached to more than one object/ped.
                                        • Peds are automatically detached from all ropes when they die and can't be attached to anything, etc.

                                        - Unzip everything inside your GTA V/scripts/ folder.


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                                        Првпат Додадено: Март 2, 2019
                                        Последно Ажурирање: Јануари 2, 2023
                                        Последно Симнување: пред 4 саати

                                        All Versions

                                         v1.0.13 alpha (current)

                                        4.001 симнато , 137 KB
                                        Јануари 2, 2023

                                         v1.0.12 alpha

                                        2.457 симнато , 254 KB
                                        Јануари 16, 2022

                                         v1.0.11 alpha fix 3

                                        416 симнато , 251 KB
                                        Декември 29, 2021

                                         v1.0.11 alpha fix 2

                                        104 симнато , 251 KB
                                        Декември 28, 2021

                                         1.0.11 alpha fix1

                                        5.139 симнато , 221 KB
                                        Јануари 23, 2020

                                         v1.0.11 alpha

                                        2.300 симнато , 253 KB
                                        Јуни 3, 2019

                                         v1.0.10 alpha hotfix2

                                        1.008 симнато , 132 KB
                                        Април 11, 2019

                                         v1.0.10 alpha hotfix1

                                        205 симнато , 132 KB
                                        Април 8, 2019

                                         v1.0.10 alpha

                                        361 симнато , 132 KB
                                        Април 3, 2019

                                         v1.0.9 alpha

                                        649 симнато , 126 KB
                                        Март 20, 2019

                                         v1.0.8 alpha

                                        810 симнато , 8 KB
                                        Март 9, 2019

                                         1.0.7 alpha

                                        454 симнато , 7 KB
                                        Март 2, 2019

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