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SimpleHUD [GTALua] 0.92


A simple but informative HUD overhaul.
High customization and ingame HUD Controls.
And many more features you may discover yourself!
One of many presets to come!
Download, customize and enjoy your new HUD now!


This is one of many presets HUD's to come from me.
If you would like a personalized HUD send me a message on Twitter!
The first 5 customization options are ON by default. Toggle them ON to turn them OFF.


1 Download and Install both [GTALua] and [ScripthookV]
2 Download this Mod.
3 Extract the zip file into your GTAV folder. (Make sure it extracts normally as stuff is supposed to merge and replace.)
4 When it asks if you would like to replace file (GTALua ini files) make sure to press yes.
5 Start GTAV and enjoy!

Current virusscan


Open menu = Numpad 9 or F9
Up = Numpad 8 or up Key
Down = Numpad 2 or Down Key
Select = Numpad 5 or right Key
Previous = Numpad 0 or left Key
Show current cash = LShift + Z
Hud Open Top = Arrow Up
Hud CloseTop = Arrow Down
Hud Open Right = Arrow Right
Hud Close Right = Arrow Left

How to report bugs!

Want to report a bug Does something not work or can't get the mod to start at all Then here are the requirements for a good bugreport which helps me find your bugproblem way quicker.
Make sure you got everything installed on the correct location.li
Check if there is a console popping up when you start GTAVli
If it doesn't start does it give an error in the console If yes please include a screenshot of the error in your post.li
If it does start but something doesn't work try it again and see if there is an error in the console after trying.li
If yes please include a screenshot of the error in your post.li

Known Bugs

Top Expanding menu can lag the game due to the calculations it's making.
Try to use it only when standingbeing stopped at a position.
The top expanding menu's are temporary and place holders for better looking ones.
Some temporary hud elements may stick when they are not supposed to.
Ammo Counter in right expanding menu may display an odd formula.(Switch guns to solve this)
Health warning sometimes shows up to late.
Target Indicator and Ammo may display during various actions. (So far I've seen during jumping, entering a car, Dying and some more.
Custom ammo and the vehicle name display may collide.

Update Information

Small Bugfix.

V0.91 Menu compatability fix.

Mod stopped development anyone is free to continue on it.
See : http://gtaforums.com/topic/806319-if-its-useful-to-you-go-ahead-and-use-it/
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