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Private Security Service (A Bodyguard Mod) 2.1m


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- ScriptHookV
- ScriptHookVDotNet

OTHER MODS (Optional)

Other transport mods:
- Los Santos Bus Service,
- Long Travel Bus Service,
- Limousine Service.
- Enhanced Metro.


SecuroServ is a private security organization and a feature in GTA Online.
It is supposed to provide with VIP transporting using armored vehicles
with armed and trained bodyguards. In fact we have never seen this in GTA
Online. The only thing that exists is to hire online players as workers
and ask them to do this job for you. LOL.
This mod brings this missing security service to the game. A service that
allows you to have bodyguards that transport you and protect you from
- 2 levels of protection: Standard VIP, Standard VIP+.
- 3 different protection modes: Normal, Safe Mode and Fast Mode. Safe
Mode is when bodyguards are more focused on safety, howerever in the Fast Mode
bodyguards are more focused on arriving to the destination as soon as possible.
- A menu showing infos about each level of protection.
- You can go to the center of SecuroServ or call the service using the menu.
- Go to waypoint or cruise.
- Backup system, you can call backup by pressing a key.
- Replace a bodyguard with a backup unit if dead.
- Replace the limousine or other vehicle with backup vehicle if damaged or
- Police friendly.
- Police system, police call when no backup left.
- Limousine doors locked when player is in it. No one can open the doors.
- Healing after entering the limo.
- a cost to pay.
- Bodyguards follow player also on foot.
- Security group follows player's personal vehicle.
- Vehicles have police horn.
- Chrome wheel rims.
- Tinted windows.
- Upgraded engine, transmission and brakes.
- Hazard lights.
- Hints.
- Map blips.
- Ini file customization.


Put "PrivateSecurityService.dll" and "PrivateSecurityService.ini" files and
"PrivateSecurityService" folder in "scripts" folder. Put "PSSNotifications.dll" in "scripts" folder.


- Added SecuroServ Center (beta).
- Added custom vehicle models.
- Added calling police when no backup left.
- Added healing when in limo.
- Improved vehicle paints.
- Removed SecuroServ icon from notifications (SHVDN bug).
- Many other improvements and fixes.
- Canceled Custom VIP level.

- Added SecuroServ notifications.
- Some fixes.

- rewrote a lot of things in the script.
- added follow personal vehicle.
- added tinted windows, chrome tires and vehicle performance upgrade.
- added police horns.
- added hazard lights.
- added custom prices.
- added auto safe mode option.
- fixed menu instantally closes.
- fixed limousine driver flee in attack situation.
- fixed bodyguards don't enter vehicle sometimes.
- fixed some blips still after canceling service.
- improved bodyguards heath, armour and combat abilities.
- improved hints.
- improved bodyguards and vehicles replacing.
- a lot of other fixes.

1.0 beta:
- first release.


- Alexander Blade,
- Crosire,
- Nachtfliege,
- Jacobmaate,
- SAS994,
- Our supporters from Patreon.


Do NOT redistribute or reupload without getting permission from the author of the reuploaded file!
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