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Merryweather Heist v1.31 (FIX)



Hello! I gonna to share you my big mod that i have passed several months.
The concept of this mod is a heist which happens in the Merryweather Hangar in the south of Los Santos.

The mod takes several (10-20) minutes to complete without any mod menu.

Context: Lester has founded a location that many of goods pass through the hangar for their security and speedness. So you gonna to rob all their goods.

You can play with Franklin, Michael and Trevor.
You have some preparations to do to prepare the heist.

I put effort to the system, Enemy, Loot, Respawn, good Ending..
For being the most alike of a official heist.
However, sadly for obvious reason the voice is not implemented and some minor features.
For the future, maybe i gonna search a alternative.

/- Menyoo (handles the MP Data more faster)
/- Script Hook V

It's nice to play the mod, yes. But better if you comment some ideas or feedback.
It's for improving myself.

Sometimes the blip route is disabled after 5-7 min of travelling.
But this my third mod, this can contains error. Please comment all problems.
And comment all things to be improved.

If you don't die, there won't be any error. The respawn system is quite unstable but playable. God mode is a solution.

Tutorial (pretty easy):
/- You put Merryweather.asi to the GTA V Folder and you're done!

/- All mods that modified the respawn system. Remove them.
/- The better is to have just this mod, for no problem
/- Just one thing, make sure that you have not some mission located in lester's house. The most sure thing, is to have a complete save.

Removal of the equipment mission (Pharma Lab) due to a problem.

Good fun!

Do not reupload this mod, please! If you use this mod in a video please report it in the description thank you!
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