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Man's Best Friend HUSKY UPDATE (Dogs as Bodyguards) 2.0

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Man's Best Friend 2.0 HUSKY UPDATE (Dogs as Bodyguards)

- New pet added, Husky dog (generated by pressing the '' i '' key)
- Help Guide added (It is opened by pressing the '' H '' key and it will show you all the
controls of the mod)
- New interesting and colorful subtitles for each option of the mod.
- Fixed bugs.
- New colors added to the mod's subtitles.
- New option to kill the nearest ped with the '' K '' key.
(Blue Text when generating chop as a bodyguard and Red Text when assassinating the
closest ped)
- First version of the mod.
Mod description:

This script generates a Rottweiler and Husky dog as your Bodyguard.
You can get all you want at the same time.
Press the '' i '' key to spawn a husky dog, press the '' O '' key to spawn a Rottweiler dog.
The controls are added in the Help Guide and in the images of the mod.
A message will appear informing you that the dog was spawned and will instantly appear with you.

Bugs and features:
For some reason using the option to kill the nearest ped scripthook will indicate that the script crashed, but it will continue to work, which is rare, so don't worry, it must be some problem with ScriptHookV

Unfortunately your pet cannot enter a vehicle with you, but he can follow you, if you move too far he will stop following you and you will have to generate another pet, it is not a really serious problem, but I suppose some people wanted to walk with their dog in a vehicle.

Installation, of course:

Put Man's Best Friend 2.0.cs inside your '' scripts '' folder.
You will need the latest versions of Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook and NativeUI.
Coming soon:

More animals and pets.

I made this mod with the help of "GTA V Script Creator"

- Steve4460
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Првпат Додадено: Мај 23, 2021
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