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Outfit Saver and Editor [GTALua] 1.5


This project has been long abandoned.
I'm leaving it up for archival purposes but it is no longer functioning as of 6/20/20.

This script requires GTALua. This is not the same thing as Headscript's Lua.

Create and save multiple outfits with ease!
Due to multiple requests, I've decided to release Outfit Saver as a separate addon instead of it being in a menu.
  • Huge thanks to z00t for adding custom save files and editing other peds!

  • Switch to any player model in the game with an alphabatized list
  • Edit every part of your players outfit (that the game allows)
  • Save multiple outfits for a single model
  • Load any outfit you have saved, even after you restart your game!
  • You also have the ability to share the outfit saves with your friends (great for role-playing!)
  • Edit other peds (ie. bodyguards)

  • Drag the "fully_loaded" folder from inside "fully_loaded.rar" into your /GTALua/addons folder.
  • After installing GTALua, your root GTA folder should look like this: http://puu.sh/iccVr/bf0457c0f0.png
  • After installing my Outfit Editor, your /GTALua/addons folder should look like this: http://puu.sh/iccYN/d6894a158d.png

Controls (configurable)
  • Press f4 or the letter O to open the menu
  • Use the standard numpad controls to navigate
  • Push Delete on a custom save to remove it (and delete the file)
  • To edit the keys, open main.lua with notepad and read everything in there

I tried to make adding previous saves as easy as possible. All of the custom saved outfits are stored in the /outfit_editor/custom_outfits folder. Due to the limitations of LUA, the list of files are saved inside /outfit_editor/saveList.txt (created when the game is launched).
  • To transfer saves over from previous versions (before 1.5), open saveList.txt with notepad and add your saves in there. For reference, simply follow this picture: http://puu.sh/ieR5I/fc4ac3e694.png
  • Something worth mentioning is the order of the buttons follow the order of how they are in saveList.txt

Known Bugs
  • This isn't a huge deal, but glasses don't seem to save with the outfit. I'm still trying to figure this out

  • v1.1:
    -Fixed the onscreen keyboard causing an error
  • v1.3:
    -Thanks to z00t, you can now edit other peds! Simply turn on the option and aim at any ped.
    -Renamed some of the options
    -A few bug fixes, the script now restarts on an error (there shouldn't be any)
    -Changed the open key to f4
    -Keep checking back later for more planned features and enhancements!
  • v1.5:
    -There's now a menu with a list of custom saves! Read the instructions header to see how to transfer saves from older versions
    -Along with that, I've added more crash preventive measures

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