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Fighting cops 0.2


Simple mod that make the cops use nightsticks when the player has 2 stars and is using a melee weapon or is unarmed. This does not happen when the player use pistols, shotguns, etc.
When you have only 1 star the cops just try to arrest pointing their guns at the player.

-When the cops switched to nightsticks and you pull out a gun, they now switch back to a gun(most time a pistol, rarely they will pull out a micro-smg or a sawed off shotgun). However the weapons are fully customizable in the .vb file.

NOTE:This mod is free source, so it means that YOU ARE FREE TO MODIFY this script. And I invite to all modders to release the source code of their scripts because it is a way to keep the modding community growing up. I looked a lot to other source codes from other scripts and that helped me a lot. The only condition to modify and upload a modded version of this script is that you release the source code of the modified ones.

Special thanks to:
-JulioNIB for his scripting tutorials and to everyone that released the source of their scripts. FREE SOURCE 4 LIFE
- @idontcheatihotkey for the idea and part of the source code.
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