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Ammunation Avoider 1.0.0

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Don't want to use a difficult, cheat-ish trainer? Don't want to have to travel to ammunation every time you die JUST to get more ammunition? Hate rain? Too tempted to cheat? This is the mod for you!
This script will:
1) Give you full ammunition
2) Give you max health and armour
3) Set the weather to EXTRASUNNY and FREEZE IT THERE (no, it does not toggle back in this script)
4) Repair your current vehicle
All that the press of a SINGLE key!
It will only do those things if you're not wanted! (except for the weather part)
Imagine that!
The intended audiences for this mod are:
1) Purists who don't want to have something cheat-y
2) People who hate having to navigate through a trainer every time they die
3) People who like having max health and ammo
Here's how you install this:
1) install scripthook (google)
2) install asi loader (openiv feature, google this as well)
3) put the ASI file in the Grand Theft Auto V folder (the one with GTA V's main executable in it, the top level directory of GTA V)
4) hit the "U" key in-game (I'm almost certain you won't have this bound, cfg might come later)
5) profit

Please note this mod is just a minor rewrite of Native Trainer to function only as described above. This mod contains a significant amount of code that is owned by Alexander Blade of AB software.

Note to admins:
please don't ban me!

Want to join the only meme republic with a community hub on steam, that is nearly completely private?
want to join the group that obsesses over its existence???
Have you ever caught a good guy, like a real superhero?
Have you ever tried a disguise?
Alright! I can see, that I will have to teach you how to be VILLAINS!


(This steam group is mine, the official flag is mine, the government seal is mine...)

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