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Air Supremacy Alpha 1.1


Thank you for checking out my first GTA V mod. This mod will provide your GTA character with 2 types of air support: Precision Airstrike and an Attack Helicopter.

If you enjoy my mods and want to support my work, please consider donating!

How to install the mod:
  1. Download ScriptHookV. Open "bin" and drag dinput8.dll and ScriptHookV.dll to your GTA main game directory. Create a "scripts" folder in your main game directory as well (without the quotation marks of course).
  2. Download ScriptHookVDotNet. Drag ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll, ScriptHookVDotNet.ini, and ScriptHookVDotNet.asi to your GTA main game directory.
  3. Download NativeUI. Place NativeUI.dll in your newly created "scripts" folder in your GTA main game directory.
  4. Download this mod and place the airSupremacy.dll and airSupremacyConfig.ini into your "scripts" folder.
  5. You're done!

How to use the mod:
To use the mod, press "Shift H" to open the menu. Pick your desired air support and press enter on "Call in Air Support".

To send the attack helicopter back, open the menu again, select "Attack Helicopter" and press "Call in Air Support" (bit counter-intuitive, I know).

Aim and press T to mark up to 3 active targets for your attack helicopter.

For the airstrike, simply throw the flare and stay nearby until the airstrike is confirmed.

You can edit key binds and whether or not you need to pay for air support in the ini file.

Bugs & Issues
  • The attack plane may not be perfectly aligned with the target when shooting (does not affect the accuracy of the airstrike).
  • The attack plane rockets don't hit the target.
  • Sometimes the helicopter will crash from damage. (If that happens, just return the chopper and call it in again.)

Patch Notes
  • v1.1
    Added a config file to edit key binds and other settings
    Added an option in the ini to pay for air support (off by default)
    Added a more immersive SMS notification and removed debug messages
    Added a README
  • v1.0

Big thanks to HKH191 for helping me with some mod features!
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