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Advanced Turn Signals 1.2.3



Advanced Turn Signals - v1.2.3 (Created By QuestDragon)
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Please check the GitHub development page for the latest information and to obtain the latest version and versions not uploaded to 5mods.

There are many turn signal mods uploaded today, but most of them are manually turned on and off or have no turn signal sound, so I decided to create one to practice creating scripts.
The game has a turn signal sound, but it is very low pitched and only sounds for a small percentage of vehicles.

You can operate the turn signals of the car. It is possible to turn left, right, and turn hazard lights on and off.
You can use sound effects related to turn signals. Various sample sound effects are included in the scripts\AdvancedTurnSignals\TurnSignalSounds folder. It is also possible to customize each vehicle using xml files. (Sound effects can be enabled or disabled in the ini file)
The display language of notifications sent from scripts can be translated in scripts\AdvancedTurnSignals\Localization.ini.
It also supports controller operation. In addition, for those who do not operate turn signals with a controller, it is now possible to set whether to use them from the ini file. (Request from stevensonjnr and dustyblues, thank you!)
It is also possible to combine modifier keys or two controller buttons. (Request from Reldam88, thank you!)
---The following features are not available in the Lite version.---
The behavior of the turn signals used in real Japanese cars is reproduced as closely as possible, and a function is provided to automatically turn off the turn signals when the steering wheel is turned and returned. (The angle of the steering wheel can be adjusted in the ini file.)
Other details such as turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the turn signal will also turn off the turn signals, and the turn signals and hazard lamps are independent of each other.
It also has a function that automatically turns on the direction indicators when you turn the steering wheel when driving at low speeds. (Request from NoRain, thank you!)

Copy the scripts folder to the Grand Theft Auto V folder.
Download ScriptHookV, unzip it, and copy the two dll files in the bin folder to the Grand Theft Auto V folder.
[Important] This script mod requires ScriptHookV DotNet version 3.7.0.
At the time of publication, 3.7.0 has not been released, so you must use the Nightly build.
Download the Nightly build of Script Hook V .NET from the link below, unzip it, and copy the 7 files containing the string "ScriptHookVDotNet" to the Grand Theft Auto V folder.
Other requirements must be met for the above two to work. Please check the description section of each download page for details.

How to use
If Enabled is set to True in the ini file, it will be automatically loaded and enabled when the game is loaded.
When you get on the vehicle and press the key set in the ini file, the turn signal will operate. (Excluding some vehicles such as bicycles and helicopters)
If UseSound is set to True and the audio file is properly prepared, the sound effect will be played.
---The following features are not available in the Lite version.---
If Autooff is set to True and the settings are correct, the turn signal will automatically turn off when the turn is completed. (Excluding motorcycles)
If KeyboardComp is set to True, the turn signal will automatically turn off after milliseconds specified by AutooffDuration.
If Autoon is set to True and the conditions are met, the turn signals will automatically turn on.

Since it determines whether to automatically turn off the direction indicators based on the angle of the steering wheel, I thought about making it compatible with ikt's Manual Transmission Mod, but it turned out that it was no longer usable due to the GTA 5 update, so I decided not to implement it. I could not do it….
The reason it doesn't work with the released version of ScriptHookV DotNet (3.6.0) is that it seems that the handle angle cannot be obtained due to a bug. This is fixed in the development Nightly build and should be used.

I, QuestDragon, cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by using this script mod. Please use at your own risk.
Secondary distribution is prohibited.
Distribution may be stopped without notice. Please note.

Production: QuestDragon
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