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Advanced Persistence & Vehicle Management (SOURCE AVAILABLE) 1.61



Source code released. Download the "Source" version. I give permission for anyone to re-master or port or whatever and re-release as their own. Developers please enjoy the reversed phone code that I spent hours on.

ALWAYS KEEP YOUR SCRIPTHOOKVDOTNET UPDATED https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases

Always download the latest version (1.61) and read everything before you install.

Special thanks to: DirtSpray for extensive bug reporting & fellow users for suggestions/bug reports. Keep them coming.

PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS YOU FIND (include either my log file or scripthookvdotnet's).



1. Disables Michael's/Franklin's/Trevor's personal vehicles (The script that spawns them gets nuked)
2. A custom phone (The normal game phone still works)
3. Vehicle/Player/World persistence
4. Vehicle management (Through the phone apps, you can do some cool things, make sure you check it all out)
5. If you are inside a tracked vehicle and restart your game, you will respawn back inside the vehicle
6. Saves car customization
7. Weapons and components
8. Add-on cars supported
9. Player-switching support (There's so many variables at play, I might've missed something)
10. Controller support

Upcoming: (I wasn't kidding on the advanced part)
1. Custom vehicle streamer (vehicles that are far away will despawn and respawn when you get close to them, this should yield better performance and allow you to save infinite vehicles without making your game cry.)
2.Trailers (And what's attached to them)
3. Vehicle damage (On a basic level)
4. Destroyed world objects (Take this with a grain of salt, I'm still trying to figure some things out)
5. Car Marketplace app (Sell or buy vehicles)

This mod exists solely because I got annoyed by the other mods like it. Now you can safely and reliably save your vehicles and player without a worry. Quickly and efficiently track/untrack any vehicle without hesitation. And use a cool phone to control it all.

Included is a lore-friendly phone to manage all of your vehicles (and even request them to be brought to you).

Do not be afraid to use-and-abuse this script. It is not meant to be fragile. Spam actions all you want. Remember, if you find an issue, report it.

A built-in converter phone app is included for you to convert your saved vehicles from other mods (if they are written properly). With both mods installed, simply run the phone app, exit the game, uninstall the other mod, and you're good to go. It will detect vehicles it can save, if none are detected I can't help, the mod owner didn't make the vehicles persistent.

This mod works great with this:

All options are modifiable in the included config file.

Default Keys:
(Do note that the pressing is weird, first hold down SHIFT completely, then press and release T/Z while still holding shift)
SHIFT & T = Track/Untrack vehicle
SHIFT & Z = Bring up phone (Left-click to click, Right-click to go back)

DPad = Up/Down/Left/Right
DPad Down = Bring phone up
LS & A = Track/untrack vehicle (LS is pressing down the left analog joystick, do it at the same time as pressing A on your Xbox Controller)

ScriptHookVDotNet (Version: 3)
Get it at: https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases
Make sure you have the ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll in your main GTAV folder

Drop the entire folder (FOLDER ITSELF ASWELL) into the "scripts" folder.
Ex: scripts/AdvancedPersistence/AdvancedPersistence.dll

What is persistent:
1. Location/Rotation
2. Steering rotation
3. Mods (All of them, eg. Xenon Colors, Bennys, Neons, Tire Smoke, Boost)
4. Doors (Closed, Open, Broken)
5. Windows (Closed, Open, Broken)
6. Tires (Flat, Off Rim)
7. Convertible roofs (Up, Down)
8. Extras
9. States (Engine, Lock, Alarm)
10. Dirt level
11. Lights (Sirens, high-beams, low-beams, off)

1. Location/Rotation
2. Vehicle you're inside of (when you restart game you will spawn back in the car)
3. Skin
4. Clothes
5. Health/Armor
6. Weapons and components

1. Time/Date/Weather/Next Weather

1. Phone Color/Theme/Background

What isn't persistent:
1. Vehicle damage (I'm not good enough to dig into the memory for the vehicle damage matrix, if someone is willing to help out I can include it)
2. Multiplayer skin options like hair color, overlays, etc. (Again, I am missing proper natives to fetch the data off the ped, I can only set the data)
3. Car attachments (Objects attached to cars)
4. Trailers (Will be soon, as well as vehicle attachments on them)

1. You cannot easily change vehicle data outside of the game. Sorry. I did this on purpose for performance reasons as this script saves quiet often. You will need to decompile my script (ILSpy), fetch the VehicleData class, then write a custom script to binary deserialize it, change it, and serialize it again and place it back. It is not encrypted or compressed.
2. The phone was made by reverse engineering the decompiled scaleforms and game scripts to re-create the phone from scratch. Decompile my script and take a peek if you dare. However it's worth mentioning I've reverse engineered the entire phone, but it's not completely included in this mod because it's not needed. I'm still in the process of creating a common API out of it for other modders to use it like NativeUI, it will take some time.
3. No I cannot save other script settings from vehicles like nitro. I do not have access to those variables. The only way is if I create said script as a feature to this mod, which I will if there are enough requests.
4. Yes this mod works with other mods that can control vehicles like doors/lights/engine and what not. Vehicles are saved purely as the game sees them, not as my mod controls them.


"Safe spawn" or "Safe location" is the location your vehicle is at when you lock it or set it through the phone. When you get busted or die, nearby vehicles will be teleported back there. Cars are not saved and spawned based on this location, they are spawned based where they were last in the world.

-Story persistent vehicles like Tonya's tow truck and the helicopter used for stunts get picked up by the converter app
-If "RemovePersonalVehicles" is enabled in the settings, purchasable garages, docks, and helipads get broken. There might be other side effects. I cannot fix them, if you need these features you have to disable this setting (AND RESTART YOUR GAME).
==AS OF 1.60==
-Mechanic request is broken
-If many cars are present on startup, the sorting algorithm has a stroke for a few seconds until it sorts everything based on distance
-Phone flickers heavily during streaming process

=Version 1.60=
-Basic vehicle streamer added. Changed storage of vehicles to 512 and maximum shown vehicles to 16. Enabled by default in settings.
(Some bugs are known, read above)

=Version 1.53=
-Fix missions breaking

=Version 1.52=
-Added SpawnAllVehiclesAtSafeSpawn setting
-Added EnableRemoteMovement setting for those with emulated controllers
-Can't remotely move car until engine is on
-Force cars to save on despawn (otherwise the data might be outdated by 1 cycle)
-Highlighted cars now show ticked blips and maximum draw priority
-Temporarily remove weapon from hand when doing key animation
-Fix raycast math being wonky on special cases
-Fix lights not correctly linking to phone app
-Unlock car doors when requesting vehicle so mechanic doesn't instantly fail
-Fix character spawning in last car even with SaveCharacterPosition disabled
-Ignore plane engine state when spawning
-Fix destroyed vehicles not going back to safe spot when dying/arrested
-Added 'Move To Safe Spawn' app option
-If skin is saved, use default clothes first
-Empty log file at start up and be more verbose

=Version 1.51=
-Null check on targeted vehicle

=Version 1.50=
-Add lock/unlock (with key fob and sounds) (look at vehicle and prompt shows)
-Add remote start/stop
-Add remote forward/backward/left/right (steering is a bit wonky, I know)
-Safe spawn option for cars (When you get busted/die they return there) (Set through app or automatically when you lock your vehicle)
-Allow user to set vehicle name in list
-Allow user to change blip color
-Added blip sprites for cars/bikes/helicopters/jetskis/boats/planes
-Bulletproof tires are now saved
-Sirens are now saved
-High-beams are now saved
-Added Trevor/Franklin phone models and tones
-Car request now has a mechanic driving (your character will say 'thanks' if the model supports it)
-Fix saving key modifier not working
-Added background cycler to check-up on cars that didn't spawn properly
-Fix helicopter spawns properly (From my testing of 32 helicopters)
-Fix controller LS & A option only working randomly
-Move phone more down and make it a bit bigger
-Removed massive changelog from phone, only last version will exist
-Added more settings (update your settings file)

=Version 1.23=
-Handle character switching a bit better (There's so many variables at play, might've still missed something)
-Disable vehicle weapons when phone is up
-Allow player to run/sprint with phone up when using keyboard
-Remove load time at boot and re-structure loading steps (Hopefully character skin loads)
-Fix ammo sometimes saving empty when exiting game
-Fix audio cleaning too quickly causing phone audio to sometimes glitch out

=Version 1.22=
-Fix weapons crashing game
-Enable weapon saving again
-Add submersibles to boat app

=Version 1.21=
-Fix infinite loading text
-Disable weapon saving temporarily

=Version 1.20=
-Added vehicle outlines (can be disabled in settings)
-Make the loading a bit better and reliable
-Try to fix character skin issue (again)
-Fix weapon components crashing the game (I hope)

=Version 1.19=
-Fix phone being brought up when pressing down on SP phone

=Version 1.18=
-Vehicle names should now display properly (Including add-ons)
-Added weapons and components persistence
-Added phone brightness option
-Added changelog to Settings app
-Re-organized phone settings under 1 category
-Add directory detection and handling, script and settings can be placed in just the root of the scripts folder
-Fix phone being brought up when menus are active (If it still happens it's because of the other mod)
-Re-apply tune settings on character switch
-Fix 'Current Vehicle' app clearing itself after untracking and scrolling up
-Try to fix skin not changing at boot sometimes
-Changed character data model from v1 to v2

=Version 1.17=
-Fix garage doors
-Added button under Settings app that will fix garage doors in case the automatic version fails

=Version 1.16=
-Fix saving not triggering at startup when fresh installing

=Version 1.15=
-Split respawn into spawn/despawn
-Added setting to decide if to spawn all vehicles at startup
-Added 'Current Vehicle' app to track/untrack a vehicle using purely the phone
-Fix some other random small issues

= Version 1.14=
-Changed controller track/untrack to LS & A instead of the special ability bind

=Version 1.13=
-Fix vehicle clone bug when switching between Michael/Trevor/Franklin

= Version 1.12=
-Try to minimize helicopter problem until a real solution is found
-Fix script dying when a vehicle can't spawn manually or automatically

= Version 1.11=
-Fix settings screwing up when semi-colon comments are present
-Handle destroyed vehicles a bit better
-Added more null checks
-Added game controller support
-Added a timed loader at boot to avoid skin issue
-Made phone navigation faster

= Version 1.10=
-Fix settings not loading due to old delimiter

= Version 1.9=
-Fix player skin not loading sometimes at boot-up

=Version 1.8=
-Spread the file saving across 4 different frames to minimize phone flickering black.If it still happens report it

= Version 1.7=
-Added 'Boat Control' app which can set/unset the anchor of a boat(Boats always spawn with anchors set)

=Version 1.6=
-Added proper data versioning so I can automatically upgrade/downgrade data in the future

= Version 1.5=
-Added vehicle respawn option

= Version 1.4=
-Fixed ped skin not saving after last version

= Version 1.3=
-Fixed request AI bugging out at the end sequence

= Version 1.2=
-Fixed paint distortion between custom and non-custom paints

= Version 1.1=
-Fixed blip not showing when you load the game and spawn in a car

= Version 1=
-Initial Release
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