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TWD Shane Walsh Addon-Ped (Updated) 2.0


Ever since watching a couple episodes of the walking dead season nine, seeing Shane appear in a hallucination of Rick's made me want to download a model of Shane here on GTA 5 mods.com. But I found that there were no models of him, which shocked me, so I decided to make him myself! So here he is, I tried to give him all the outfits he had on the show, but I could only find a couple that fit his head.

Installation instructions are included in the archive.

I hope you enjoy!


Added new clothes variations and textures.

Added full voice lines from the TV Show! (Custom Voice)

Added updated police variation.


Gameconfig (1.0.2215) for Limitless Vehicles:

Heap Limit Adjuster (650 MB of heap!):

Packfile Limit Adjuster:

Hope this helps prevent crashes with addon peds!

Known Issues:
Eyes have been enhanced, but still clip through a little. (Good as it can get lol)

Model has a glitch around the neck, but is hidden mostly by the attire.

The side burns of hair do not attach to the head, but was the best hair style I could find to add.

He has facial anims, but lacks teeth. I have no way of fixing this at the moment.

I recommend you download the walking dead police car by CambridgeShireModder here:

If you want to recreate the fight scene with Rick you can Download our Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations Beta 2.0 on this page!:

If you want the Rick Model it is made by TheFriedTurkey and is located here:

Thank you for downloading and be sure to let me know if you like it! 😎
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