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-TFS- The ArchAngels of Los Santos 1.0


Yes, Even I finally have a Patreon. This will be a good way to stay connected with all of You. There you can make all sorts of requests and suggestions. (One of my many Specialties is the ability to Update and Upgrade Peds / Props / Sound FX from Your favorite Ped creators and Scriptors.)

If you wish to Join this Community, Click THIS link anytime: patreon.com/TheFuumaSage See you there boys.

A TFS Original: This Mod is for those who love Impowered Celestial beings like I do. THIS MOD WAS ORIGINALLY PRIVATE.

Michael and Franklin are now DIRECT Celestial Children of GOD Himself! BOUNDLESS Celesital Power, Nigh Omnipotence, Domination over ALL others player ped fighters and scripts can be Yours (That is, If you use Nmod's Psychokenetic Script)

I've stepped my game to up even Greater heights, I know the three boys will copy THIS, :) But anyways, I'M NOW Able To Create OPENIV Installation packages

For USE with Nmodds's Psychokinetic mod: HERE!

INSTALLATION: in OPENIV go to the "Tools" menu and select "Package Installer", all done. :)

-To Whom It May Concern:

"TheSpeedForce" was a mask, I will wear it No Longer. After a Strong reminder of who i truly am, I've decided. Now, I reveal to you all my True face, I Am Pain Fuuma, a.k.a TheFuumaSage I am not natively from your "GTA V Modding" lands, I Come from the land of IMVU.com, Where I was the top 3D Character creator, Jutsu creator and Weapons Smith for Naruto and other Anime. Now that I'm here, as you all know by now, I LIKE IT HERE, So NOW, I am YOUR Sage of Creation, I Master all arts that I choose to take interest in, Eventually bringing never before seen paths and techniques to the table, if your models are not up to Par, and it's a model I seek justice for, Yours WILL be STEAMROLLED by my updated version. Please, Be MAD at that fact, Be OFFENDED at that fact, Then? after those "Feelings"? MAKE YOUR PEDS BETTER! peace.
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