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HD SpiderMan - Costume Replica Pack (+ Black Spider Suit) 1.1


With great costumes (yes more than one) comes great amounts of killing and destruction...

Choose from Michael, Trevor and franklin to become the iconic black or red spider-man or simply let them all be him... :D Replacement Spider Man Scuba Diving pack for all 3 main protags find out who can pull off the skin tight chafing in style.

Featuring complete texture overhaul and integration of the iconic spider man.

- Sometimes still reflects "prolaps" indentation but it's better than placing a texture over a baggy shirt also when it rains the suit gets wet and darker which is cool. I can remove it once embedded texture editing is out :)

- Includes
- Hours of editing, resizing,scaling and drawing for enhancements e.g highlighting and contouring for more muscle definition.
- Blending and fade into and from each body part.
- All webs from the front to back blend seamlessly with no disconnects and most important no texture loss!!
- all sharp textures nothing is blurred!! high HQ
be the spider-men ;)

(Note) still working on a mask that doesn't look silly and better hand and boot model replacements as they aren't quite as seamless as the torso to legs

(Note) if you are using a enb Reshade you will loose quality of the spidey suit so higher your ingame brightness so it doesn't mess with the contrast and saturation

I recommend a Trainer with super jump, fast run and invincibility alongside the grapple hook mod :D!!


everything Goes into into


Search and find each body part when found left click, then click replace after that click on the file to check it's there.
you should see the new spiderman texture in there for each part, press "save" at the bottom then rebuild.

If certain bits of the spidey costume aren't loading Drag in the parts individually and rebuild after each one.
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