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Leather Jacket for MP Female 1.0


Badboy17? What the fuck man?

This mod was made with use of Dionys19 body mod if the jacket feels floating, i suggest using lowr body models from said mod.
Seeing that -CREATIONS- released Sitara's outfit from WATCH_DOGS 2, i decided to release my port of Clara Lille's Leather jacket from original WATCH_DOGS.
includes 7 texture variants:
-Black with silver zipper
-Red with silver zipper
-Green with silver zipper
-Brown with silver zipper
-Black with gold zipper
-White with silver zipper
-Original (Teal with dark silver zipper)
Includes two additional vanilla undershirt models that are fitted to work with the jacket

-Proper vertex paint.
-Custom made specular map to make the lighting nice and jacket shiny.
-Direct port of bump maps/normal maps from WATCH_DOGS.
-Custom textures based on one of original WD specular map channels, way better than the vanilla diffuse texture IMO.
-Textures are imported with A8R8G8B8 compression, while this is not perfect for gameplay, it's perfect for screenshots and doesn't ruin the colors.
-Mostly-fine rigging, if you spot any issue, let me know and ill try to work on a fix.


Ubisoft - Original Model (WATCH_DOGS)
Slick (me) - Port


Use MP Clothes and paste the files to mpclothes\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpclothes_female.rpf\mp_f_freemode_01_mp_f_clothes_01
Optionally you can rename the number so it's in different slot
This will add the the jacket as new one

More WATCH_DOGS ports in the future... not only clothes
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