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⭐Natural HDR GTA V 2.4


[Final Version]

Hi Guys!

*This is NOT a "Graphic Overhaul"

(No more oversaturation/colorful, i found better setting now! )

Im trying to make the game as "natural" as possible.
But still have the original game atmosphere.
Plus 0 FPS loss.
And the "SweetFX_settings" works like charm with other weather mod too :D

If you enjoy this,don't forget to click the Like button,
And if you hate this, just say at comment section below.
Plus don't forget to rate, any score is appreciated :D

You need to install "Reshade with SweetFX 2.0" from http://reshade.me/sweetfx#download

[Weather Feature]
-Removed CA,Vignette,Far Blur,Noise for more clear vision.
-Crisper texture from lumasharpen tehnique.
-Balanced fog distance and density for better visual experience.
-Tweaked visualsetting.cfg from TVO for nicer graphic (reflection, bloom, ect)
-Better "water puddle" reflection & Make the puddle "static" or not flowing.
-Darker night

[SweetFX Feature]
-Cineon DPX

[How to install]
- Use OpenIV
- Follow my mod file location,and replace it in the same directory.
- For SweetFX just copy it to your main GTA V folder.

*Don't use in-game MSAA or TXAA it will make your game blurry.
*Change the in-game Brightness to 50%!
*And dont use any "Digital Vibrance"! if you don't know what it is, please search it on Google.

Have Fun!

[My other game modification]

Credit : BobJaneTMart (Original Author)
LanGonCer9807 (Clear Vision Guidance)
TheNathanNS (Previous-Gen Fog Distance Timecycle)
Reshade - Crosire
SweetFX - CeeJay.dk

Special Thanks to Swixtor for showcasing the mod and give tutorial :D
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