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Subsurface Scattering and Global Illumination NPC Ligting 2.0



Copy and paste all files into the folder where the game is installed.

For on-off effects use shift f11 keys.

If you want to see the same npc looking as in the screenshots, use NVE-QuantV mods.
Install nve first, then install quantv. Finally, install the this mod files.

This mod gives advanced realistic looking for peds-npcs with subsurface scattering, indirect lighting and global illumination techniques.Fixes bad lighting in the original version of the game. Peds-npcs are now illuminated more accurately and realistically like new games.

Thanks for Boris Vorontsov creating ENBSeries graphics modification.


2.0 version

There are 2 different mods in version 2.0. One is for the vanilla version of the game and the other is if you are using graphic mods such as nve-quantv etc.Tweaked global illumination and subsurface scattering levels.Tweaked night lighting and brightness levels for both version.Vanilla version have a little bright nights with natural looking. Nve-QuantV version is brighter night and sky lighting with perfect looking.Nve-QuantV version have rain reflections. Cars, light sources and player reflecting on wet surfaces.Plus Nve-QuantV version have better npc face shadows.
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