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Realism Enhanced Traffic and Driver A.I 0.1


NOTE: I am currently creating on a rig that can barely run V, so anyone willing to add videos or screenshots are welcomed


1. Peds are very good at avoiding crashes, and regaining control when losing control
2. All Traffic Lights are now longer, allowing more traffic to build up.
3. Different vehicles travel at different rates of speed on Highways
4. Peds will change lanes and park more frequently
5. Peds can properly use right turns at red lights, and may also choose which lane is best based upon cars ahead.
6. All peds are now more skilled at driving as they have increased skill levels
7. Peds can turn and keep control at higher speeds than before
8. You can lose a tiny bit of health crashing your car lightly, so be careful
9. Bike riders will pull between cars, or beside them to get through if there's enough room
10. Peds will avoid other peds and cars instead of fully stopping, and then backing up
11. Some drivers are more aggressive than others.

Installation: This is an OIV package, to install, simply follow these easy steps.

1. Open the program OpenIV
2. Choose "tools" and then "Package Installer"
3. Select the .oiv located in the mod
4. Install
5. Enjoy
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