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Huncho's Reshade Presets (NVE/QuantV/Vanilla) 1.25


//DISCLAMER\\ These screenshots were taken with Razed's Natural Vision Evolved mod.

All photos were taken while on Freeroam X (a FiveM server)

Hit me up on discord @HunchoChristian ❂#0784 for questions or discussion

Works with SP and FiveM

Do Not Run Online

This pack contains some of the best presets I've made since July. Due to the new rules regarding reshade presets, they have all been combined conveniently into this one pack. I have also taken this opportunity to go back in and finetune each preset again. I will also be uploading new presets to this pack in the future!

My PC and Settings:

I use NVE and Reshade to make my graphics look a lot better, while having a standard computer. I have a Intel I5 core, a Nvidia 1080 ti (gamingX) graphics card, and 16gb of ram. All photos and examples were taken on NVE's medium setting, and GTA 5's medium/high settings.


Most of these presets (excluding "Economy") prioritizes visuals over performance. Although these presets only impact fps slightly, it can still slow fps from around 5-10 frames. Any major drops in FPS are due to a reshade bug or CPU lag, not the preset.

To install the preset, you need to:

1- Have reshade installed. If you dont already have it, download it to your GTA 5 directory (GTA5.exe), even if you are running this on FiveM. Install all the shaders you want or just the minimum and replace it later with the ones I included.

2- Once installed replace the "reshade-shaders" folder in your GTA 5 folder or open up "reshade-shaders" and individually add the shaders & textures I included (only if you have additional shaders installed, that you want to keep)

3- finally, place the ".ini" in your GTA 5 directory (ex. "Calfornia.ini"), I STRONGLY recommend making a folder for it called "reshade presets" that way its easier to spot in the reshade menu.

4- Once in-game, open up reshade by pressing "Home" on your keyboard. Skip or go through the tutorial. Then click the blue bar at the top that says "Reshade Preset" and select your own (ex. "Miami.ini"). If you made a presets folder like recommended, you will find them there. Check it out what your game looks like, and maybe make your own modifications.

Patch notes & logs:

v1.0 (Dec. 31st 2021) - Converted 6 out of the original 8 reshade's I made into a pack. Went through all of them in-game and revisited most of the reshade settings. Fixed a lot of the over-contrasted and harshness of some of them and made it look more natural. Setup the pack with updated instructions and a better way of installing them. Included some the best photos that showcase each preset and added individual descriptions for those who needed it. Made sure to upload before the new year!

v1.2 (Jan. 7th 2022) - New year, new update. Finished converting all previous reshade presets into the pack. Economy and Luscious are now included with their updated settings and visuals. Added the original photos and descriptions into their designated folders. Now that the old presets are all there, its time for some new ones....

If you have any questions, there are detailed videos on Youtube that will show you how to not only apply it to Gta5/Five M but on any game you want, not to mention Reshade offers a In-Depth tutorial on how their menu and system works.

Feel free to comment a question, compliment, or hate speech
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